Clash Poll: Is Trump’s National Security Strategy Essentially Reagan’s 3rd Term?

No more of the ‘Lead from Behind’ nonsense. We’re back to Reagan’s ‘Peace Through Strength’. So, to all of the ‘NeverTrump’ peeps… what do you think of that?

President Trump released his administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) and it’s decidedly Reaganesque.

It has 4 basic pillars:

1. Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life

2. Promote American Prosperity

3. Preserve Peace through Strength

4. Advance American Influence

President Trump said that he knew President Reagan a little bit and admired him.

He obviously did as he used the same slogan as Reagan did in 1980:

President Trump’s NSS is remarkably similar to President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 and 1988 strategies. Trump’s borrows from the strategies implemented by President Reagan in his campaign to defeat the Soviet Union.

An entire pillar of the Trump NSS is dedicated to preserving “peace through strength.” This realist approach to foreign affairs recognizes that a dedication to ensuring American hegemony preserves stability and reduces the chance for conflict.

Similar to Reagan, President Trump recognizes that ideological warfare is an essential component of grand strategy. The Trump NSS promises to “deny violent ideologies the space to take root,” and includes “combating the evil ideology of jihadists by exposing their falsehoods, promoting counter-narratives, and amplifying credible voices.”

Both the Trump and Reagan NSS recognize the tools or “elements of national power” that American can use to challenge adversaries and support allies.

In addition to the 4 Pillars, the Trump administration’s plan also includes the 5 major threats to the United States.

Trump’s National Security Strategy labels (in no particular order) North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, and radical jihadist groups as the chief threats to the United States, detailing the several ways these states seek to undermine America’s standing in the world.
Source: Conservative Review

The administration enumerates the threats:

China — the theft of intellectual property valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Russia — seeks to weaken America’s influence worldwide.

North Korea — ruthless dictatorship with disregard for human rights and growing increasingly militant while stockpiling weapons and developing cyber, ballistic, and nuclear weapons.

Iran — state funding of terror, disregard for human rights, development of more capable ballistic missiles and, (now that Obama handed them over a truckload of cash in the horrible Iran deal,) the liklihood of developing nuclear weapons.

Islamic Terrorist groups — Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other jihadis that promote a ‘totalitarian vision for a global Islamist caliphate that justifies murder and slavery, promotes repression, and seeks to undermine the American way of life.’

In Trump’s plan, America will lead from the front while maintaining alliances.

In addition, the NSS also clearly declares that Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, rather, it is the theocratic regime in Iran and radical terrorist organizations that push for the destruction of Israel.

Of course, there’s also a whole lot of talk about border security.

But whoa, Nelly!

Doesn’t that sound great?

It’s worlds better that what we endured for 8 years under the ‘Peace Prize’ President that was also the first president ever to have the country at war for every single day of his administration.

What do you think?

Clash Poll: Is Trump's National Security Strategy Essentially Reagan's 3rd Term?

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And lest you forget, the Media (D) and the Leftists (but I repeat myself) were against Reagan, too.

Check out the similarities:

It’s so wonderful to have a badass President with balls again!

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