CLASH POLL: Should Trump Make Barack Account For Benghazi?

Obama stood in front of the UN and announced to the world a contemptible lie. The Video triggered this attack.

It did not. And he knew it.

But the election was coming, and Obama dared not tell us the REAL story.

It would have cost him his precious second term.

And with every passing day, we see how Obama’s flunkies were defending Hillary from any consequences of her various sketchy and illegal activity.

Is it time Obama pay the piper?

Should Trump Make Barack Account For Benghazi?

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Obama is refusing to answer questions about the terror attack that took place in 2012 in Benghazi. Do you think that as President, he should be held responsible for this and be made to answer questions? It seems like Obama and Hillary have more important things to do than to explain the deaths of the American lives that were lost that night.

Catherine Herridge reported on “Outnumbered” that the conflict is coming to a head this week because the Democrats and Republicans on the committee are releasing their respective reports the committee’s findings.

Herridge said that the Democrats’ report shows that when President Obama was asked to answer questions about what happened in the Benghazi attack, he was advised by his counsel to decline.

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These Republicans on the Benghazi Committee are now saying that this is the reason why Hillary and Obama claimed that a ‘video’ was responsible for the attack that night:

Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee claimed Tuesday that the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly to the American people about the nature of and reasons for the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya, even as they privately acknowledged what caused them.

A scathing report provides new ammunition against Clinton, then the secretary of state, and turn the assault on an under-protected U.S. diplomatic compound and a nearby CIA facility into the election-year issue it was always destined to be.

Republicans’ central argument is that the Obama White House chose to deceive Americans rather than risk the public relations nightmare of admitting terrorists had struck Americans overseas, less than two months before Obama’s re-election day.

‘They misled the American people and said, “We can’t tell the truth. We can’t talk about how bad the security situation was. We can’t talk about the fact that, that this was a terrorist attack. we have to mislead the American people because we are just eight weeks before an election”,’ Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the committee’s Republican members, claimed Monday morning on CNN.

The panel’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, and other Republicans also accuse the Obama administration of stonewalling important documents and witnesses.

Democrats say the panel’s main goal is to undermine Clinton’s presidential hopes.

The attacks killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Almost immediately, the White House went into spin mode, publicly blaming the carnage on local protests over an anti-Islam YouTube video that was made in America.

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On the other side, Democrats have cleared Hillary of all blame in the Benghazi attacks:

Democrats on the House Benghazi panel said in a report Monday that security at the Libya facility the night of Sept. 11, 2012 was ‘woefully inadequate,’ but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never personally denied any requests from diplomats for additional protection.

The panel’s five Democrats said after a two-year investigation that the military could not have done anything differently on the night of the attacks to save the lives of four Americans killed in Libya. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens died in one of the two assaults that night at the U.S. outpost and CIA annex.

‘We hope our report will put to rest the conspiracy theories about Benghazi once and for all and return the focus to where it belongs – on the goal of improving the security of Americans serving abroad,’ according to the Democrats-only report.

Democrats’ release of their own report heightened the partisanship of the inquiry, which has been marked by accusations of Obama administration stonewalling and finger-pointing. Republicans on the panel missed a self-imposed deadline to issue a report ‘before summer,’ but the Democrats’ move in issuing their report could spur the GOP’s final product.

The report comes just days after Republican Donald Trump bean to fault Clinton for the deaths of the four Americans, and Trump’s campaign began focusing on Benghazi with a new attack website called ‘LyingCrookedHillarycom.’

Read more: Daily Mail

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