Clash Poll: Should This Teen Killed In FL Massacre Get A Full Military Burial?

*update added (scroll down)*

When we first saw the names released, we were already hearing whispers of ‘hero’. Now we know the full story.

His dreams of attending West Point came to an abrupt halt, on Valentines’ Day.

But it’s what he did on THAT day that has people petitioning for him to be buried with full Military Honors.

Here is the text of the Petition which is currently at about one-quarter of the necessary 100,000 goal.

Peter Wang, 15, was one of the students killed in Florida this past week. He was a Jrotc Cadet who was last seen, in uniform, holding doors open and thus allowing other students, teachers, and staff to flee to safety. Wang was killed in the process. His selfless and heroic actions have led to the survival of dozens in the area. Wang died a hero, and deserves to be treated as such, and deserves a full honors military burial.

Those who would contest the military burial would remind us that, strictly speaking…

JROTC does not provide basic training so it does not count as “being in the military.” Wang’s funeral would require intervention from the government. —Fox News

And one commenter from the FB post cited below obviously agreed with that pushback:

Sorry, but he never went to basic training, AIT, or officer/cadet training school.
He’s not a legitimate soldier and is not eligible for such honors. Especially since he wasn’t killed on duty or in a military conflict.
People can “call for” whatever they want but they can’t have it.

It will be a charged question, for sure. But however that is decided, as someone who aspired to West Point, he certainly showed exactly the heart, selflessness and dedication we have come to associate with that honored institution.

While in uniform, he put the safety of others ahead of his own.

Peter Wang stayed and held the door open so that classmates could escape from the gunman at his Florida school. He died…

Posted by FOX 5 / on Monday, February 19, 2018

*Update: although Peter Wang did not ultimately receive a military burial… he was given a posthumous honor of a different sort:

West Point posthumously admits shooting victim Peter Wang to Class of 2025

West Point conferred a letter of admission, along with honorarium tokens, to his family, local West Point alumnus Chad Maxey said.

*end update*

How do you think Mr. Wang’s heroics should be honored?

Should Cadet Peter Wang Get A Full Military Burial?

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