Clash Poll: Did ‘Social Media’ Defeat Hillary Or Was She Just A Hideous Candidate?

It’s Hillary’s latest excuse. Is this one any more believable than the others? (Look who’s calling BS.)

Remember Steve Bannon?

No? How about ‘Sloppy Steve Bannon’, is it ringing any bells now?

Only a year ago, he was as hated by the Left as, say, Karl Rove or Dick Cheney as the supposed ‘real’ mastermind behind Trump’s success. Some even called him a puppet master pulling Trump’s strings.

Well, THAT didn’t last long.

But this story brings us back to the rollercoaster ride of their road to the White House.

Facebook is the latest “scapegoat” for how Trump won the election. But they won’t blame Facebook exactly (although they certainly praised Obama for his ‘mastery’ of the very same tricks of social media they are accusing Trump of ‘exploiting’.)

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Instead of blaming FB itself, they turned their finger to a company called Cambridge Analytica. It was THEIR fault that Trump won. If it wern’t for their low-down-dirty tricks (which were based upon the entirely legal, voluntary sharing of information, and did exactly what Obama did several years earlier) then Hillary would NEVER have suffered that horrible fate of being exposed as the loser she is.

Gee, why does that sound so familiar?

Right! That’s it!

They pitched some story about Bannon, lord of ‘dark arts‘ (No really, a ‘news’ headline called it ‘dark arts’) worked his — apparently — ‘dark magic’ to overthrow the rightful claim of princess Hillary.

Almost got through that ‘princess’ bit with a straight face, too.

That’s the Media(D) version of the ‘Hillary was robbed’ fairy tale. What did the actual participants have to say about it?

Ready for the secret? Here it is: there wasn’t any ‘sooper-sneaky’ Bannon plot.

The same network that Obama mined for data, the same one that can create an online digital profile of you, even if you’ve never USED their site — Mark’s brainchild — had everything he needed “laying around in the open”, so to speak.

Bannon, who helped create Cambridge Analytica, said the consultancy firm just took Facebook data that was already widely available.

‘That is Facebook’s business model,’ he added. ‘They take your stuff for free and sell it and monetize it for huge margins . . . then they write algorithms and run your life,’ Bannon told the Financial Times during the Future of News conference in New York.
Bannon then claimed that liberals and ‘the opposition media’ have just been looking for excuses to explain Hillary Clinton’s election loss.
‘Here’s what won it for Trump — economic nationalism and talking in a plain voice to the American people.’

Shortly after his interview with the Financial Times, Bannon told CNN: ‘That Facebook data, by the way, is for sale all over the world. I don’t remember buying it. That was the Cambridge guy.’
Source: DailyMail

Does that blow up the ‘dark wizared Bannon’ theory? Or is that exactly the crafty answer we would EXPECT a ‘dark wizard’ to have?

Is Bannon some sort of a 'Dark Internet Wizard'?

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