Clash Poll: Should Trump Take Away WH Press Credentials From ‘Fake News’ Orgs?

Was he serious? Was he trolling them? And are the Media(D) going to lose their minds?

If there’s one skill Trump has that nobody would have expected when he first came down that escalator, it was his uncanny ability to play the media like a harp.

He’s living, as they say, ‘rent free in their heads’. Which just might be the best deal that real estate mogul ever negotiated.  (Poor Acosta, he’s not taking it well.)

And now, he’s got them all wondering… did he MEAN that?

Take away credentials?

Aaaaaand, cue the Media(D) reaction in:




(all together now):

“But — but– but– freedom of the press!”

Funny you should mention ‘freedom of the press’. Do you know what word is missing in that phrase?


As in “a free press must necessarily be independent”. Otherwise, it isn’t truly free.

For the press to be called truly free, it must stand arms-length from any political entanglements which would cause them to be blinded, bullied, or otherwise complicit in silence.

It’s bad enough that even journalists have reported that their environment will quietly tilt them to agree with a particular set of values.

Instead, take it the way a social scientist would take it: The people who report, edit, produce and publish news can’t help being affected—deeply affected—by the environment around them. Former New York Times public editor Daniel Okrent got at this when he analyzed the decidedly liberal bent of his newspaper’s staff in a 2004 column that rewards rereading today. The “heart, mind, and habits” of the Times, he wrote, cannot be divorced from the ethos of the cosmopolitan city where it is produced.

Source: Politco

But how could anyone claim to be objective and arm’s length if they’ve been directly employed by a political party, or are related to those who are?

This picture (albeit a little out-of-date) is from a story that reminds us that we’re not getting the objectivity we deserve.

Big media networks don’t get to blow off accusations of ‘fake news’ (or, in other words, compromised journalistic objectivity) without addressing this real problem.

But now that our ‘betters’ in the ‘officially sanctioned’ (by Silicon-Valley leftists living in exactly the same fishbowl Politico reporters described just a few paragraphs ago) are screening our news sources for us.

What does that look like in real life?

Media Matters printed a 49-page strategy (they called it a ‘war plan’) on how they could destroy any Conservative media presence, news outlet or organization. The journalists love to talk about ‘journalistic freedom’, right? Follow the link to read it yourself.

One piece in that grand plan specifically involves BLOCKING journalists whose political slant they don’t agree with from even ACQUIRING JOURNALISTIC CREDENTIALS.

They are a group that is ‘correcting misinformation’ on their pet leftist causes, they claim to be working with Facebook’s RAW DATA, and they are actively opposing right-leaning news sources when even HARVARD calls Fox News more balanced in its reporting on Trump than any of the other news sites.

So the question of whether Trump ‘should be revoking credentials’ is actually a smarter question than the Media(D) would have realized.

After all, the Media(D) have been silent on their buddies over at Media Matters doing exactly the same thing.

Maybe we should be asking these supposed ‘free speech journalists’ why they aren’t enraged about an ideological test being applied to would-be journalists?

After all… Soviet Russia was a lesson to be learned from, not copied, right?


Should Trump Taking Away WH Press Credentials From 'Fake News' Orgs?

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