Clash Poll: Should Rosie Go To Prison For Rosie Sized Illegal Donations To Dems?

Remember that time she tried to bribe(?) Senators to make the ‘right’ vote on the tax reform? She was able to dismiss that as ‘a joke’. THIS offense, however, is no ‘laughing matter’.

Rosie O’Donnell — she has all the grace and charm of Michel Moore — minus the femininity.

Like Moore, she’s always ‘stepping her foot in it’ in one way or another.

This time, instead of being an internet laughing stock (like she normally is) she might actually have to lawyer up.

It doesn’t matter how much you love one party, or despise the other, the rules remain the same — violating campaign finance law is an actual Criminal offense. EVEN if your name is Rosie.

Fraud is fraud. The legal maximim is $2,700.00

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones disclosed $4,700 from O’Donnell in his special general election bid last year against [Roy Moore]…

Pennsylvania Rep. Conor Lamb reported $3,600 from O’Donnell for the special general election he won in a March upset, his filings show. He’s now running for a full two-year term in a different congressional district in November, and O’Donnell put up another $1,000 for that bid.

She claimed it was ‘nothing nefarious’, just that donating to Democrats helps with her anxiety.

Maybe if she’s that anxious, she should take a break from news and social media. After all, even CNN has a poll out saying that 57% America thinks America is ‘doing well’ which is the highest percentage that number has been since — and Rosie will want to sit down for this one — since Dubya was in office.

But if these donations were so ‘innocent’ why did she use different addresses and variations of her name?

That detail alone makes it pretty clear that she’s not telling the truth.

What do you think Dinesh D’Souza — a Conservative filmmaker who spent actual time in JAIL for a similar offense after making films critical of both Obama AND the Clintons — would have to say about Rosie’s violations of the law?

How about you? Do you think Rosie should face criminal charges?

Should Rosie Go To Prison For Rosie Sized Illegal Donations To Dems?

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