Clash Poll: Should Blacks Dump The Democratic Party?

Did you hear the news?

A big-name rapper tweeted that ‘blacks don’t have to be Democrats’.

No kidding.

A RAPPER said that!

Which makes us want to ask the question:

Is it time that Blacks dump the Democrat party?

Here was the tweet:

It might come as a surprise to the flacks at the DNC, but no American has any debt to pay to any politician or party.

Any American can vote for any party — or none at all! It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s an idea the Dems — and many minority groups — may not have not given much thought.

The Dems have been too busy taking all their longstanding faithful groups for granted while they seek to aggrieve and divide new groups to exploit for votes.

And Trump did something quite surprising in his election run. He made a direct appeal to minority voters — black voters specifically — telling them to look at how well generations of voting faithfully for Democrats has really served them.

He asked them, in his typical punchy style ‘what the hell do you have to lose?’

Kanye said something similar.

Turns out, it was a good question.

Especially now that Trump is President, and Employment levels — including employment for women and minorities — are at historic levels.

He said he would do that, and here we are.

Opioids — a problem people had ignored for years — are now being addressed. This issue effects hurting people of a variety of backgrounds.

Conservatives present issues and invite you as informed voters to consider them and join us.

Liberals present anecdotes and demand that you agree with them (and those who don’t are pressured to ‘repent’) Even a Canadian singer who can’t even vote here — Shania Twain — got the bum’s rush for daring to say that she liked Trump’s straightforward style.

If you need to bully people into agreeing with your side, how strong is your side, really?

Shouldn’t a party have to EARN your vote?

Isn’t it time minorities stopped letting their votes be taken for granted? Whether you tilt Liberal Republican or Other, its YOUR vote to cast, not theirs to count on… isn’t it?

Should Blacks Dump The Democratic Party?

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