CLASH POLL: Have We Been SCAMMED Regarding The Las Vegas Massacre?

By:  Allan Erickson

Clash Contributor


There is no way to understand the Las Vegas shooting unless we get to the motives of the true perpetrators. The lone crazed shooter theory is the same theory we were supposed to believe when JFK was killed, when RFK was murdered, and when MLK was assassinated.

Thanks to multiple recordings we know there were at least two shooters, probably more. How convenient the “lone” shooter was killed. The fact this ‘investigation’ has yielded essentially no information to the public shows decidedly there is a cover up.

There are still questions about how he managed to do this without anyone knowing about it. For example, how did Stephen Paddock stockpile so many weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo without his girlfriend knowing about it?

Whoever did the deed is powerful enough to cover it up. That points to government of course, and the mob, most likely. If government perpetrated this, why? What was the motive? And if enormous resources are being brought to bear to cover it up, then the motive must be horrendous.

Why would you open up on a bunch of country music fans with fully automatic weapons for an extended period of time, killing so many, and wounding so many more? What were the killers trying to provoke? Was it staged just to fuel the gun control effort? Were they making a political statement about silencing conservatives? Was it a deep state message to President Trump? Was it an effort to take heat off of Jihad for ISIS atrocities? Was it an operation to further erode public confidence in law enforcement and our system of justice?

Tyrants always use fear to subjugate, and perhaps that is the essence of it. But if they think they can dominate us with intimidation, I suggest they have no appreciation for the courage and ferocity of the average American when it comes right down to it. We’ve defeated thugs and tyrants time and again for 250 years, and we’ll do it again if necessary.

CLASH POLL: Have We Been SCAMMED Regarding The Las Vegas Massacre?

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If only we had ‘journalists’ that are concerned about unraveling the really important riddles like the motive of a mass murderer instead of what the President eats, how much Diet Coke he drinks, and how much tv he watches.

What Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow and the Rest of The Media (D) STILL haven’t figured out yet is why we call them ‘Fake News’.

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