CLASH POLL: Should The NYC Uzbek Terrorist Get The Death Penalty?

So, what exactly do you do with a jihadi so incompetent as to outlive his attack?

What do you do, that is, if that ‘devoured by hogs’ scene from Silence of the Lambs 2 turns out not to be a viable option? (Something-something-something, cruel and unusual, yada… yada… yada…)

Right, we know.

No off-menu punishments for this guy.

That leaves life in prison, or the death penalty as viable options.

Both have an upside, and a downside.

Life in prison — he doesn’t get the status of ‘martyr’ or get his ass kicked by 72 Virginians. (Best Robin Williams sketch ever) But he lingers around like a bad smell, forever.

Death penalty? One, we don’t have to feed and shelter his worthless hide for the indefinite future, with a nagging fear that the next Democratic President will issue the bastard a pardon.

And why not? Someone incarcerated for treason was let go because he switched teams in the great gender Olympics.

There’s also the chance that he might interact with others, and influence or radicalize others who have a shot at getting out some day.

In which case, he’d have even more blood on his hands.

What are the chances that anyone would ever consent to this thug being held in solitary for the rest of his miserable life?

So in a way, it would have been better had the bastard been shot dead on scene. But — and this will shock and surprise all the BLM peeps — our cops are good guys who do not actually kill people unless they run out of other options.

Not like they’d ever believe us.

Should The NYC Uzbek Terrorist Get The Death Penalty?

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