CLASH POLL: Has The NFL Turned Into A Black Power Rally?

Has this ‘Take A Knee’ protest started by Colin Kaepernick morphed into something else?

Mr. Pig Socks has been clear that he started this because he refused to stand for the anthem of a country that permits systemic racism to continue.

He compared police officers to fugitive slave patrolmen after a Minnesota cop was acquitted of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a black motorist.

Here’s the tweet:

Roughly 30 players on the San Francisco 49ers knelt during the national anthem Sunday, with a standing player placing a hand on the shoulder of a kneeling player in front of him.

Just one week after more than 100 players took to their knees during the The Star-Spangled Banner, smaller protests could be seen as the NFL games kicked off on Sunday.

Just 11 players knelt or sat during the anthem in the early slate of games with most players protesting ahead of the anthem. Source: Daily Mail

There was no real rhyme or reason or even solidarity in this ‘protest’.

Seahawks sat.

But in another en masse protest, nine Seattle Seahawks players sat on the bench while the anthem played.

Others raised their fists in the air during the national anthem for a second straight week as they defied a fresh demand from President Donald Trump to stand.

In a unique protest, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch arrived for his team’s game against the Denver Broncos wearing a T-shirt that read: ‘Everybody v. Trump’. Source: Daily Mail

Maybe ‘everybody v Trump’ wasn’t the smartest shirt to wear, judging by the NFL ratings collapse.

Cam Newton went full ‘Black Power’ raising a clenched fist.

But Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva was joined on the field by his teammates this time.

And many San Francisco 49ers knelt during the National Anthem, although some put their hands over their hearts. Because if you’re going to ‘send a message’, make sure it’s a mixed message.

Three members of the Miami Dolphins team – Julius Thomas, Michael Thomas and Kenny Stills – were the first to take a knee during the anthem ahead of their team’s game against the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium in London.

The entire New Orleans Saints roster briefly took a collective knee prior to the anthem in what quarterback Drew Brees had called ‘a way to show respect to all’. The team then stood and many linked arms. Source: Daily Mail

Again… no rhyme or reason here.

A handful of Buffalo Bills players could be seen kneeling for the anthem ahead of their game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Two Detroit Lions players also took to one knee for the anthem before the game against the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis.

Roughly half the San Francisco 49ers took a knee prior to their game against the Arizona Cardinals.
Source: Daily Mail

CLASH POLL: Has The NFL Turned Into A Black Power Rally?

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