Clash Poll: Is The Left’s Use Of Traumatized Kids To Push Their Anti-Gun Agenda OK With You?

But of course, they all care so deeply about the victims, and are taking the ‘high road’. Right?

Wrong. And that was in plain view when the vultures came out after the latest school tragedy.

Doug calls out this vile and cowardly behavior by the Leftists in his latest vid:

Matt Walsh frames the difference between the grieving kids, and the ‘handlers’ who were using them as pawns in a political game. Using kids to throw around incendiary claims like the Republicans are ‘funding killers’ or accepting ‘blood money’ from the NRA.

In short, it’s sick.

Indeed, I feel nothing but compassion for all of the kids who’ve been giving these anti-gun lectures on the news over the past several days. No decent person can be angry with a child who just suffered such a terrible trauma. I can, however, be angry with the Left and the media for hiding behind that trauma. So, it is to the latter ground that I say this:

You are despicable.

It’s one thing to bring a child on TV and ask him about the tragedy itself — what he saw, heard, felt, etc. But there is no legitimate or honest reason to start probing his political opinions. He didn’t become an expert on constitutional law just because he witnessed a mass shooting. His ideas on the subject are just as undeveloped and immature as they were before the tragedy. The only difference is that now those undeveloped and immature ideas have a certain emotional weight. You hope to use that emotional weight to crush your ideological opponents. You are weaponizing their suffering.
Source: DailyWire

We pointed out how very wrong this approach is our article that criticized the media for whipping up emotion to push an agenda.

They’ve had all of five minutes to think about the issue that killed 17 of their schoolmates. And they’re planning a march.

They are using raw emotion arguments to force action when the best way we could honor victims is to handle it the way we would a plane crash. Rationally assess the known failure points… and determine the most effective remedies for those specific failure points.

But the left’s approach is far less thought out. They would rather put out a recall on every passenger plane they can.

Unintended consequences be damned.

Clash Poll: Is The Left's Use Of Traumatized Kids To Push Their Anti-Gun Agenda OK With You?

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