CLASH POLL: Should Employers Give Muslim Employees SPECIAL Prayer Breaks?

What do you think? These Muslims are out of a job because of their demand for more prayer time. Would you do the same thing if you were their employer?

Ariens Co. terminated workers in a dispute that began in January when it moved to enforce a rule of two 10-minute breaks per work shift. The enforcement led to about a dozen Muslim staffers to walk off the job in protest.

At least 32 of the workers involved in the dispute have abided by the company’s policy. Fourteen others resigned and seven were fired on Tuesday, according to Ariens spokeswoman Ann Stilp.

“We would have liked for more employees to stay, but we respect their decision,” Stilp told The Associated Press.

The case is being called ‘Islamophobic’.

Of course, that allegation would be tossed out.

However, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations contends the company only wanted “to weed them out.”

“There is a lot of flexibility to keep these employees if the company is willing to do that,” Jaylani Hussein said of the employees, who joined the company last summer through an employment services contractor in Green Bay.

The Brillion company allowed the Muslim employees to leave their work stations a third time to accommodate prayers at first. The company then claimed the prayers disrupted production at the lawn mower and snow blower manufacturer.
Source: Fox News


CLASH POLL: Should Employers Give Muslim Employees SPECIAL Prayer Breaks?

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