CLASH POLL: Should We DEMAND All Federal Support Of Pro Football Be Terminated?

The NFL players and teams have made their voices be heard… now it’s your turn.

When push came to shove over the ‘take a knee’ flag flap, the NFL took the side of the protesters.

And they chose to do it on company time. In uniform.

However they may TRY dress this up as a ‘First Amendment’ issue, we have seen that the NFL and the pundits have zero REAL commitment to First Amendment rights on the field. You can be penalized or fined for ‘excessive celebration’.

The league didn’t even let the Cowboys wear decals to remember the cops killed in the line of duty protecting the civil rights of protesters in — wait for it — a Black Lives Matter march.

That would have been ‘politicizing’ the sport. And Robert Griffin III? Does anyone remember him?

It was common knowledge that their ‘free expression’ did NOT extend into the stadium. And yet, ‘suddenly’…

… entire teams taking a knee, or even refusing to take the field, when the anthem is being sung? Yeah, suddenly, everything changed. Because it’s about ‘protest’. (More accurately it’s because this is a sanctioned Leftist cause.)

Like we said, this isn’t just rehashing the ‘take a knee’ stupidity. This is about having YOUR voice be heard.

What do you think of THIS as the taxpayer’s reply to the so-called ‘stand’ they’re taking? Rep Mo Brooks has a reply to their ‘position’ — hit the damned ingrates in the wallet.

[His quote comes after the poll question.]

Should We DEMAND All Federal Support Of Pro Football Be Terminated?

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The taxpayer has been subsidizing the NFL with ‘billions of dollars in subsidies‘. Is it worth it? Since neither the league or the players have a very high opinion of ‘Institutional America’ maybe it’s time we stop subsidizing the ingratitude of billionaire owners and millionaire players.

“I believe we ought to terminate all federal government support of the NFL,” Brooks told Breitbart News following the Conversations with Conservatives event at the Capitol. “That would include the termination of any and all advertising that is done on behalf of the federal government — military and non-military — to the extent we do any.”

“The same thing with any other professional sport that insults our country and our flag and our anthem as the NFL has done,” said Brooks, who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus. —Breitbart

But… but… what about all the good those subsidies do for the community?
The facts don’t look good for THAT argument, either — as referenced here.

If they hate America and her institutions so much, they won’t really object if America and her taxpayers stop propping them up… right? After all, it’s ‘blood money’ or something, right?

Share if the League doesn’t need our charity… ESPECIALLY now!

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