CLASH POLL: Do You CARE If This Group Is ‘Offended’ By Our Anthem?

Do you think Muslims have a right to be offended by our National Anthem? Or do you think they should embrace the culture of a country that they move to?

Imagine if the following was happening here in America. What would you do? Check it out…

This crapola is happening in Australia:

Requiring schoolchildren to sing the national anthem, and the citizenship pledge supporting democratic values, are part of an oppressive campaign by Australian authorities of “forced assimilation” of the Muslim community, a conference heard this morning.

The conference held by Islamist activist group Hizb ut-Tahrir entitled “Innocent Until Proven Muslim” is taking place at Bankstown in Sydney’s west, attended by about 800 people.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar told the conference the Australian government “claims to afford freedom, but seeks to impose values and beliefs” on Muslims.

What? The gall of the Australian government to demand that Muslims embrace Western civilization and values like — democracy and freedom.


Treating women as people instead of as chattel and not half the value of men, how terribly uncivilized.

If you don’t keep them in line with a ‘light beating’ with a small stick now and then, they may get all highfalutin’ and want to drive a car or open a bank account on their own, or show their hair in public and it’ll be anarchy!

Well, the Australian law frowns on beating the women-folk, and they’re demanding that, too! You have to obey the laws, even the nonsensical ones that allow women to get crazy ideas in their heads like — equality.

You get one wife thinking that way, and then it spreads to the others, and you know how long it takes to get them all back in line. It’s exhausting!

This imposition of secular western values was reflected in the oath when taking out citizenship, Mr Badar said, with new citizens required to pledge allegiance to Australia “whose democratic beliefs I share”.

“It’s not enough that you obey the law, no, you have to adopt our values,” Mr Badar told the conference.

But wait, it gets worse

Similarly, Mr Badar said, schoolchildren were required to sing the national anthem, which he said, “reflects a disputed view of history”.

If you don’t share those values, why should they be forced to sing it?” Mr Badar said.

The horror of demanding that children — children! — sing the propaganda piece below:

Those evil, evil [email protected] ‘down under’!  Imagine, inviting immigrants to join them because they have ‘boundless plains to share’ and then saying ‘with courage let us all combine to advance Australia fair’ and then demanding that the Muslim children be joyful as they sing this propaganda!

Mr Badar said the campaign by government and agencies against radicalisation was actually a smokescreen to “make Muslims less Islamic”.

“It is nothing less than forced assimilation … sought to be justified by exaggerated fear of a security threat,” he said.

Government efforts to promote what it bills as a moderate form of Islam might on occasion “buy out some Imam”, Mr Badar said, but overall, “the attempt to reform Islam is doomed to failure.”

Source: The Australian

CLASH POLL: Do You CARE If Muslims Are 'Offended' By Our Anthem?

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