CLASH POLL: Should The BUMP FIRE STOCK Be Banned? Before You Answer, WATCH This Video

As soon as it was mentioned that the Vegas killer used this method to ramp up his rate of fire, you knew this would be the next topic of debate. But let’s get the facts before we jump to conclusions for OR against.

Bump Stocks. They did sell for something in the $100-$150 range.

But now that gun enthusiasts are concerned they will be pulled from the market, there has been a spike in demand. The prices have doubled, and they have become hard to find.

Concerns that the product might no longer be available may have led to a rise in prices for the devices. In a comment on Slide Fire’s Facebook page, another user noted that prices for the devices were increasing on, which bills itself as the “world’s largest online auction site for firearms and hunting/shooting accessories.” A used Slide Fire SSAR-15 bump stock had amassed eight bids and was selling for $315 on the auction site. The retail price on Slide Fire’s website for a similar device is $179.95, but it was sold out. —Bloomberg

It’s not the only means of legally accelerating the rate of fire without modifying the weapon, but it was used by Paddock, so, naturally, it will be a hot topic.

(It was reported only LATER that some of his weapons had, indeed, been illegally modified to allow for fully-automatic fire.)

Let’s get into the bump-stock itself.

Here is a demonstration of what it looks like, how it performs (Spoiler — the recoil makes its accuracy pretty worthless even at 15 feet).

For any situation other than a cowardly jackass firing down at a packed concert ground, the pseudo-full-auto would have been less effective than simple semi-auto.

But we were dealing with a cowardly spray-and-pray jackass who was — like the gambler that he was — playing the averages.

Popular Mechanics gave a quick description on how they operate.

Bump stocks are simple pieces of equipment that replace the stock of a rifle and add a small “support step” in front of the trigger. The shooter rests his finger on this step and pulls forward on the barrel or forward grip to press the trigger against his finger. The recoil of the shot then propels the rifle backwards into a gap in stationary stock where the loose fit gives the rifle freedom to bounce forward. This, along with sustained forward pressure on the rifle, has the effect of ‘bumping’ the trigger back into the shooter’s unmoving finger. So long as a shooter maintains forward pressure, the rifle will continue to fire at a rate much faster than could be accomplished with even the quickest possible series of manual trigger pulls.
Popular Mechanics

The next question is ‘why are these even legal in the first place’?

“Bump-Stock” devices are for novelty, not accuracy–Bump-stock devices are not made for accuracy, but for the fun of mimicking automatic fire. Such devices tend to have a universal fit, which means an AR-15’s buffer tube can bobble back and fourth inside the bump-stock while the firearm is being shot. These are not made to be precision instruments but novelties that gun owners can enjoy while out shooting at the range. — Breitbart

So, when Democrat pearl-clutchers lead the charge against their favorite scapegoat — the NRA — how about we ask them why Bump-stock devices are legal in the first place.

They are a device that was cleared by the ATF.

Why? Because they did not constitute a physical modification to the weapon.

Also, notice the date of that decision.

June 7, 2010.

Why is that date signinficant?

It was right smack in the middle of ‘tear-in-my-eye’ and ‘if-it-saves-just-one-life’ administration of Potus44.

Yes, right in the middle of Barack ‘Fast&Furious’ Obama’s anti-gun administration… the Bump Stock was given the green light.

In 2010, they had House and Senate united under President BHO, and yet somehow this went through.

Don’t scream outrage at Republicans over this one.

Debate the merits and dangers of this product being available on the open market all you want. But don’t try to make this into a ‘Republicans like guns and are bad’ conversation.

Can we CC Jimmy Kimmel with that last one? We’d Love to see his face when he sees the time stamp.


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