Clash Poll: Did You Boycott The Superbowl Over The NFL’s ‘Lack Of Respect For Vets And LEOS’

For the past while, the NFL has been quite disrespectful towards both Veterans and Law Enforcement officers. Did it cause you to boycott the big game?

There are lots of folks that did.

Our Big Dawg, Doug Giles didn’t watch the game.

He weighs in on the insanity that followed in Philly after the Eagles won:

The Super Bowl is usually the most watched television broadcast of the year with an estimated 110million Americans expected to tune in but many are planning to boycott the game.

People are planning to boycott the big game because of Colin Kaepernick’s protest as they believe it is disrespectful to veterans and law enforcement.

In Oneonta, New York a sign outside the Oneonta Veteran’s Club reads ‘Closed Super Bowl Sunday in honor of our country, our flag, our veterans.’

The club has sworn off showing NFL games since mid-season when more and more players started ‘taking a knee’ during the National Anthem.

They’re not the only ones.

Woody’s Roadside Tavern in Farmingdale, New Jersey, has been boycotting the NFL since Veteran’s Day weekend. Instead of having NFL games on, they had a fundraiser for veterans and raised $8000.

They had opened on Superbowl Sunday but closed early to protest the NFL allowing players to kneel during the anthem.

Oddly, it’s not just the patriotic folks that are boycotting the NFL.

Those that support Kaepernick’s protest are boycotting, too.

On the other side, the group Unstripped Voice, has petition in support of Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49er, who first took a knee in August 2016.

In posting its petition the group said: ‘We started this petition six months ago because Colin Kaepernick, a man who sat – then took a knee for people of color, was effectively banned by the NFL for his actions.’

It wants people to stop watching in order to make the ratings go down.

So far over 202,000 have signed the petition and plan to boycott Super Bowl LII.

Source: Daily Mail

So, they’ve jumped on to protest the NFL not signing on Kaepernick.

Doesn’t that just confuse things?

Liberals are such funny creatures.

Unfortunately, for the pro-kneeling crowd, the NFL boycotts began before Kaepernick was ditched by the league.

Have you been boycotting the NFL?

How about the Superbowl?

Let us know what you think of the NFL in the comments.

Clash Poll: Did You Boycott The Superbowl Over The NFL's 'Lack Of Respect For Vets And LEOS'

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