Clash Poll: Should America Listen To These Teenage Demagogues?

Several of the teens from Parkland have been making their voice heard on the issue of gun control. Should we listen?

The voice of one teen, however, has been absent. Kyle Kashuv, who would rather explore options to stop school shootings with measures that don’t include the repealing of the Second Amendment, was not included with his schoolmates because it didn’t fit the narrative of ‘Gun Control NOW!’ that the Media (D) was pushing. It wasn’t until Kyle was thrust into the spotlight by big-name Conservatives on Social Media that Kashuv got any attention.

Kashuv, who has created an app that allows troubled teens to anonymously connect with their peers for support, has met with multiple lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and called for bi-partisan support is certainly using this moment to make real change. He speaks clearly of the failures of the Broward County Sheriff and his office, the FBI, the school district, and the school itself in keeping students safe from a known threat. He also stands firmly on the side of the Constitution and is adamant that our Second Amendment rights should not be infringed upon.

Despite all of this, however, his point of view isn’t the one that is visible. Kashuv had to sit through a Flight Attendant give a speech about the March For Our Lives while he was on his way to Washington.

His schoolmates, however, have targeted lawmakers, bashed the NRA, vilified law-abiding gun-owners, called for a repealing of the Second Amendment, and yet, remained silent on all of the failures that the ‘tolerant’ liberal systems that failed them at every turn.

It’s mainly the antics of the trifecta of demagogues the wanna-be actor/activist David Hogg, the impassioned Emma Gonzales, and the accusatory Cameron Kasky.

The New Yorker likens Emma Gonzalez to Joan of Arc. Yes, she is a passionate speaker. She was one of the first students to speak out in favor of gun control. The first rally after the shooting had the clip of Gonzalez speech and the refrain, ‘We call B.S.’ that resonated with a grieving crowd.

Kasky and Hogg, however, have been less naturally emotional and more angsty and arrogant in sharing their views.

The Stoneman Douglas students experienced a horrific trauma. No one can deny their grief or blame them for being impassioned. And allowance has to be made for the fact that they are teenagers, who universally believe that they know better than their hapless elders (Hogg says the problem is that their parents don’t know how to use a democracy).

Doug has said that these kids have suffered an unbelievable trauma, but the left is using them as activists:

Yet none of that excuses their scurrilous smears of the other side in the gun debate. The student activists presume that there is a ready solution to mass shootings that everyone knows, and the only reason why someone might not act on this universally accepted policy is malice or corruption. This makes the other side the equivalent of murderers.

So at the CNN forum, Stoneman Douglas student Cameron Kasky told Senator Rubio that looking at him is like looking down the barrel of the AR-15 held by the school shooter.

In a video interview with an outfit called The Outline, David Hogg said that the NRA and its supporters “want to keep killing our children.” Not that they inadvertently enable people who carry out school shootings via misconceived policy, but they themselves kill children and want to keep doing it.

Lest he be misunderstood, Hogg added, “they could have blood from children spattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action because they will still see those dollar signs.

Source: National Review

What do you think of the teens that are forcing gun control to be an issue?

Clash Poll: Should America Listen To These Teenage Demagogues?

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