Cher, The Old Hippie, Plans To Do This For Illegal Aliens Because Of Trump

Didn’t she promise she’d be on a rocket to Jupiter by now? So why is she sticking around and still annoying us all?

These self-important leftists really need a hobby. Something to help them unwind. Something to help them recover from their Trump derangement syndrome.

Noting Trump might do is ‘pure’ in their eyes.

If he were to walk a lady across the street, they’d cry ‘abduction’.

It’s getting old.

What makes it worse is how ill-informed these shrieking harpies can be.

Sessions came forward and gave an announcement about how DACA (which was already facing looming court challenges for being unconstitutional, but Cher won’t let FACTS get in the way of her tantrum) was going to be ‘wound down’, but not snapped shut.

A six month period allowing Homeland Security to adjust to the new realities, and to give CONGRESS — you know, that group of people that the Constitution actually gives the power to MAKE laws? — a chance to make a law THEY think is fair.

Maybe we should let someone Cher trusts explain why DACA was unconstitutional:

‘would not conform with my appropriate role as president’

So basically, Obama went rogue, and he knew it.

Also, there was a serious problem with our open door policy. If she’s the feminist she claims to be, you’d think that closing that border would be a GOOD thing.

Let’s use a Left-leaning site’s headlines, just so she can’t contest it.
80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.

Is that a big deal for her, or no?

And now that Trump is trying to make the Executive Branch MORE accountable, and LESS tyrannical, Cher is pitching a full-on fit.

Wow. I guess being Ancient doesn’t necessarily make you either wise OR mature.

Has anyone told her (1) that there are NOT going to be any mass deportations? Or that (2) she has just announced that her own home and business will be housing illegals?

Not so bright, is she?

Before she goes ahead with that, she might want to review this:

How long before she hops that rocket to Jupiter?

After all, a promise is a promise, right?

Now that we think about it… suddenly her song makes a lot more sense.

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