Charlie Sheen Just Made Major Bank Off Babe Ruth Memorabilia

It’s Babe Ruth, gear… but not just ANY Babe Ruth gear… no wonder it raked in so much.

Babe Ruth’s got a lot of fans, and a lot of merch floating around. Baseball cards…

Signed baseballs…


Game-used bats…

Even Signed cheques…

… which is kinda weird.

But none of those come even CLOSE to the merch that Charlie Sheen put up for auction.

(This time, he can say #winning and mean it.)

The first item was Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring.

It sold at auction for $2,093,927.

The second item sold for more.

Ringing in at $2,303,320 was this little piece of history:

The ‘Curse of the Bambino’ contract.

That’s a lot of coin. Even for him.

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