Cancer Victim, Val Kilmer, Weighs In On The POWER Of Prayer In This Epic Post

Finally, a Hollywood story that won’t make you want to cover your children’s ears.

While so much of the rest of Hollywood is ridiculously one-dimensional and concerned principally with money, sex, and power (political or otherwise), isn’t it refreshing to see someone setting his sights higher?

Val Kilmer, who’s been in any number of Hollywood hits — his role as Iceman in Top Gun was particularly memorable — had a cancer scare… and you’ll never guess what he’s crediting for his recovery.

Prayer. And Jesus.

Imagine that, a Hollywood A-lister with something nice to say about Jesus.

“Because I believe that the power of prayer is as potent today as it was in Jesus’ time, there tends to speculation I haven’t done all I can do to be as healthy as I have a right to be.”

He lamented the “extraordinary assumptions” he said were made regarding his beliefs, especially since the complexities of the human body are “a complete mystery” to most people.

“People are often afraid of what they don’t understand,” he said. “I was.”

Looking back now on his illness as he still recovers from the side effects of his treatments, Kilmer said the experience has only further cemented his faith in the power of prayer.

“I’m so grateful I’ve experienced firsthand what consistent prayer and love can offer,” he said
Source: WJ.

While Christian Science is miles away from what anyone would call mainstream Christian belief, it’s still refreshing to hear from someone who thinks there’s something more to life than sex, money, and power.

Someone who believes there’s something bigger than the here-and-now.

Someone in Hollywood who directs his prayers heavenward and believes in a God that doesn’t have the title of Producer after his name.

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