Canada’s, Justin Trudeau, Wants To Eradicate The Word ‘Mankind’ Because It’s ‘Sexist’ – Should He Shut The F…

If you took the worst features of Kennedy, Clinton and Obama, and mixed them together, you’d have Canada’s douchey princeling.

Canadians are calling him ‘Zoolander’. And he’s proven, yet again, why.

He’s an entitled little princeling. His daddy was Prime Minister for a total of more than 15 years, and Justin was raised in Canada’s equivalent of the White House.

He faced conflict of interest condemnation from an Ethics Minister for taking expensive favors. In this case, visiting Aga Khan’s private Island [John Kerry, still Secretary of State at the time, was visiting too] for New Year’s day, just as Canada kicked off its 150th birthday year in 2017. (Aga Khan is both the ‘spiritual leader’ of 25 Million Ismaili Muslims and an aging billionaire playboy.)

We’ve had chances to mock him before. There was the time he wrote that loving Eulogy for his daddy’s buddy Castro. You can bet lit up Twitter. Mocking him for being clueless, of course. (See a pattern developing?)

He told us we would have to rethink such basic concepts as space and time.

Here’s an ad with a few of his ‘gaffes’.


Like so many leftists, he’s a jackboot totalitarian who thinks he can get away with it because he’s got trendy socks, a Colgate smile, and wants to take a selfie with everyone at the Gay Pride Parade.

Typical Leftist, he went to some town halls, not to listen, but to lecture — because he’s ‘woke A.F‘.

At issue, was his decision to cut off funding to any Student Job Grant that didn’t tick a box to say they align ideologically with his own views on Abortion. That’s what amounts to a ‘religious or ideological’. This writer knows Canadians, religious and otherwise, who think this sets a dangerous precedent.

He’s inclined to tyranny — like Obama — and doesn’t even recognize it… because he serves it up with a smile. (We’ve yet to see whether he comes though the MeToo season unscathed, with headlines like this in the Public domain from 2011… Sex, pizza and politics with Justin Trudeau)

Here is the question he was given, in light of the religious groups that were having funding revoked through this ideological test:

How ‘woke is Trudeau’?

He’s lecturing an ‘out-there’ group that calls God ‘mother’ that they’re non-inclusive for ‘mistakenly’ saying Mankind. Take a moment for that to sink in.

… or is it ‘people-splain’?

This is the arrogance. A citizen comes with a legitimate concern about a Charity facing serious financial hurdles as a direct result of his virtue-signalling policies… and he preens.

“We can all learn from each other”. — except for him, that means I will lecture you and you will listen. He didn’t even care about the question, he was too busy making her comply to Bulls–t PC lawyerspeak.

Jordan Peterson, also Canadian, and fairly recently internet-famous, weighed in. As a clinical psychologist, he made an interesting observation (not to be confused with a ‘diagnosis’.)

“It’s quite the performance. I’m afraid that our prime minister is only capable of running his ideas on a few very narrow ideological tracks,” Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor and author, said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

He explained that Trudeau and the woman were discussing an important topic, but Trudeau felt the need to interject an ideological statement in the middle of the dialogue.

“That indicates precisely the way he thinks, and I don’t think he does think. I think he runs an ideology in his head and accepts the output without question,” Peterson said. “And I think we’re really going to pay for it in Canada, in ways that we can’t yet imagine.”
Souce: Fox

Even Piers Morgan is calling him out as a fake feminist.

He got roasted on the internet, too:

And James Woods, as usual, was out there, batting clean-up:


He’s an ASS. And he’s just proven it to the whole wide world.

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