These Businesses Will Be CRUSHED By The NFL’s Childish Protests

You know how protesters always claim to be about ‘justice’ and ‘the downtrodden’? Have they stopped for a moment to ask who their own actions could HURT? Of course not.

But SOME of us have.

Just like we covered all the people that get hurt when a looter smashes the window out of a small business — students, single moms, little league teams and who knows who else, there are unintended consequences from protests like this one.

In the same way, these protests have victims.

And the victims are ordinary people.

And Bruce Hoepner weighs in with a whole list of OTHER people that will pay a real price for their ‘free’ expression.

Regarding the NFL sanctioned player protests, the one’s that will be most dramatically affected by this nonsense and the loss of fans will be the small time vendors and concession stand operators who live on a tight margin. It will be the little guys selling sports paraphernalia out of a van that will go down hard. Any stores selling sports paraphernalia get to reduce their staffs. All of the food establishments in and around the sports venue will need to cut back on staff. For what?

The 10%er players won’t be worrying about the rent. Their privileged lifestyle will continue. But thousands of little people will see their lives getting a bit tighter. I would ask if any single individual holding power in the NFL and these clueless players ever spent a moment thinking of the consequences of their actions? For what?

And before the high-and-mighty people dismiss these people as insignificant, stop and think.

What happens to attendance at games if the custodial staff or concession staff suddenly went on strike? If fans couldn’t buy an overpriced snack or beer, or if there were no TP in the bathroom?

You need them as much as they need you. Maybe even more. Because other entertainment can fill a stadium just as easily as a sporting event.

Do NOT forget that. And do not throw them under the bus. Just because they don’t take home 7-figure salaries does not make them less important than you.

And if you want to tell these clowns exactly what you think of them? You can!

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Share if these ‘bigshots’ don’t give a damn who their protest hurts unless it hits thier own wallet.

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