Breaking: Moving Van Plows Through Pedestrians On Busy Toronto Sidewalk

Van struck ‘every single thing’ on Toronto sidewalk — Witness. (Including a woman and a stroller.)

Around 1:30 on a Monday afternoon, horror broke in on the usually quiet Toronto sidewalk.

Many major cities in the world have had to deal with terror attacks, but Toronto has not had to deal with that issue very much… until today.

Early reports are estimating 8-10 people have been struck by the driver of the van. That number remains to be confirmed.

At least four are reported ‘vital signs absent’.

“He started going down on the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one,” Shaker told CTV News Channel on Monday afternoon.

Shaker said he saw the vehicle strike someone with a stroller.

“He just destroyed so many people’s lives,” he said. “Every single thing that got in his way.”

Witness Phil Zullo, who was driving northbound, says he first noticed the commotion when he saw police taking down a male suspect.

Zullo says he continued north, where he saw “shoes and hats flown everywhere.”

The extent of injuries is unknown and ambulances are on the scene.
Source: CTV

There’s a lot unknown, still, and details are still getting sorted out.

One eyewitness:


Early reports about the driver they arrested include this report from a ‘Twitter blue-check’ reporter from the area:

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