Breaking: Leftist Radicals Storm Republican Prayer Rally, Burn Flags, Clash With Cops

These people are unbelievable. They stormed a prayer rally. Let that sink in.

They also burned the American flag in their anti-prayer protest.

Joey Gibson leader of the group Patriot Prayer held a prayer rally at the University of Washington and spoke about unity. The protesters showed up and got rowdy. [Editor’s note: I refuse to call them ‘counter-protesters’ as the Media (D) does because this was a prayer rally, not a protest.]

When the protesters got aggressive, law enforcement officers stepped in and did their job.

Five people were arrested when counter-protesters took over a Republican rally at the University of Washington where dissenters burned the American flag as they booed the Trump administration.

The clash broke out after campus group the College Republicans invited right-learning group the Patriot Prayer to speak on Saturday.

In retaliation hundreds of students and demonstrators, gathered to oppose the Trump supporting rally.

Those that attended the rally wore MAGA hats and proudly displayed the flag.

The other side, eh, not so much.

Here is what is left of a flag that was shredded and burned in protest:

Watch what they were protesting:

College Republicans President Chevy Swanson said the goal of the rally was to create a safe space for conservatives to share their views and promote free speech.   

What? The left doesn’t want ‘safe spaces’ anymore?

About 75 minutes after the rally, counter-protesters began to flood in, despite police barricades.

Although the College Republicans had worked with police to prepare for the day, security was unprepared to deal with the hundreds that marched through the square.

The dissenters marched in with signs saying ‘Trump and Pence must go’ and ‘Trump is the symptom, Capitalism is the disease, Revolution is the cure’ and ‘Resist’.

‘We’re here to fight back against the far right and fascism on our campus,’ one speaker of the counter-protest said.

Scuttles broke out between the two groups, causing campus police to use pepper spray and arrest five counter-protesters.

You might remember Joey Gibson, the Japanese man (whose bodyguard, ‘Tiny’, is Samoan) that tried to shake hands with Antifa protesters. He is constantly called a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi by the left — including Nancy Pelosi.

Here is an image of Gibson speaking at a rally. He looks like a threat, doesn’t he?

But leftists are terrified of Gibson and his Patriot Prayer group because they really believe that they are Neo-Nazis.

One student shared he was upset to see how many of his peers showed up for the Patriot Prayer speech.

I refuse to be scared away by Neo-Nazis. This is where I live and work and where my friends live and work, and I’m not going to leave,’ Junior Nick Peda said.

‘The College Republicans keep pulling this stuff and I’m tired of it. It’s really disappointing to see so many of my classmates on the other side,’ he added.

Source: Daily Mail

Conservative college groups are being billed for security because leftists go nuts and get violent when someone disagrees with them. Is that fair?

Shouldn’t the protesters bear that cost? After all, they’re the ones causing the problems.

Watch Joey Gibson’s sensible full speech here:

Wow. Gotta stand up to that kind of hate, amirite?

Leftists are so nutty.

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