BREAKING: Here’s The Left’s New ‘Pajama Boy!’

Pajama boy is an old meme badly in need of an update. Fortunately, a volunteer stepped up to the role. That volunteer? A VERY familiar face.

You remember pajama boy, right? He was the image trotted out by Obama to manipulate the public into buying into Obama’s big policy.

It was part of his media manipulation campaign.

Not quite as egregious as ‘if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’, but it was pretty bad.

Now it’s 2018.

It’s a different President. And the other team is playing a different manipulation game.

This time around, there was an election to discredit.

Sure enough, along comes Pajama boy 2.0 to answer that call!

Mr “I don’t do sneaky things” had himself a grand plan. All he had to do was to get the ball rolling on the Steele dossier – check.

Discredit Trump in a memo – Check.

Leak that memo, getting the Press involved — check.

Create a scenario to launch that Mueller investigation he so badly wanted — check.

Then? Then he writes a book and counts his money.

Of course… if it turns out that Comey has perjured himself or committed any other felonies in the process of rolling out this elaborate plan of his, he may be wearing orange pajamas, and have a roommate commenting on whether or not he has a ‘purdy mouth’.

In the meantime, get used to his doe-eyed interviews, his carefully-nuanced answers, and the endless parade of his face in our news cycle.

Becuase until that time, attention whore that he is, he’s here to stay.

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