Breaking: Florida FIU Bridge Collapse — Uncertain Number of ‘Multiple’ Dead And Injured

Early reports confirm that there are already at least ‘several’ deaths known in the collapse of a bridge that’s been installed for less than a week.


Officials have now confirmed that there was a ‘stress test’ underway at the time the bridge collapsed.

*end update*

The bridge wasn’t yet open to the public.

It was still in the construction phase. But something went horribly, horribly wrong.

The bridge was supposed to give pedestrians a safer way to get across a very wide and busy 8-lane street. Here is their time-lapse video of the construction.

Oblivious to the horror that was to come, the school’s President said this when the bridge was set into place:

“FIU is about building bridges and student safety,” FIU President Mark Rosenberg said Saturday. “This project accomplishes our mission beautifully. We are filled with pride and satisfaction at seeing this engineering feat come to life and connect our campus to the surrounding community where thousands of our students live.”
Source: People

Ironically, only a couple of hours before the collapse, this was the proud message put up by the construction company:

At the time, it was an announcement of a proud accomplishment.

Who could have guessed this would be the news the same day they posted the tweet?

An as-yet unknown number of passers-by and workers were in harm’s way when the newly-installed bridge gave way and crashed to the street below.

You know stories like this are going to raise a lot of eyebrows:

Like so many other systemic governmental failures we’ve seen in Florida in recent weeks, if corruption issues come to light in this fatal accident, there is going to be HELL to pay.

The Mayor reports that eight vehicles are trapped underneath the bridge. A witness claims there are as many as 18 or 20 cars that were stopped at the light. We have no way of knowing at this early point, but we can only hope that the lower estimate is the accurate one.

If you’re not sure where to place this event on a map, this will help.

The heavy concrete structure is potentially just as great a threat to rescuers as it is to anyone trapped beneath it.

Ironically, the bridge was designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds, and last 100 years.

That’s making people ask questions about another project the same company has underway.

The same company that designed the bridge that collapsed today near Florida International University in Miami also designed the Cascades Park bridge that spans South Monroe Street in Tallahassee.
Source: The Democrat

One witness on site, while interviewed on Fox was describing the two cranes that were on the scene in a photo. He claims that something (he said ‘blue equipment’) fell from one crane onto the bridge, which (he thinks) overburdened the suspension wires, and triggered the collapse.

Needless to say, there will be a great many unanswered questions for a long time to come.

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