Breaking: Donald Jr’s Wife Hospitalized After Opening Letter With White Powder Inside

Even before they even knew whether the threat was real or not, ghouls on the left were already jeering.

Stay Classy, leftists.

Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr., did the most routine task in the world. She got the mail.

Among the mail, was one letter addressed to her husband. And when she opened it, white powder spilled out.

Those of us old enough to remember the panic after 9/11 will remember the panic around Anthrax scares, and that ‘white powder’ was often found in suspicious packages for some time thereafter. Usually, it was a hoax, but you never knew for sure whether there was some sort of a bio-weapon unleashed on you and your home. Even during the elections, there was a ‘white powder’ scare.

Vanessa and two others were rushed to the hospital for decontamination. They have several young children. It is quite possible that some of their children may have been among those rushed to the hospital. But that doesn’t bother the ghouls.

Some time passed before they announced that the powder was not believed to be hazardous.

But long before the all-clear announcement, the ghouls came out to play, seething hate for Vanessa Trump, who has literally NOTHING to do with politics, but — because she’s a Trump — is ‘the enemy’ and worthy of their hate.

Here is a Huffpo contributor slandering a total stranger (remember, Love Trumps hate!):

It’s so good to see how deeply she REALLY cares about women’s health.

Right. Jump straight to ‘Wag The Dog’. But turn a blind eye to everything sketchy under the LAST administration… including the things they’ve been busted for.

If they’re so ‘criminal’ why aren’t they facing charges yet?
Mueller? Mueller? Anyone?

For his next, trick, DasMe will be measuring the skirt lengths of rape survivors.

Because he realizes how ‘taking responsibility’ is important.

But the ‘punch-a-nazi’ movement that calls everyone they don’t like a Nazi, and therefore an appropriate target for ‘the resistance’ aren’t asked to shoulder any blame here?

And just wait until you see the depth of compassion in the ‘unless she’s dead’ tweet:

In Lubna’s defense — none of the Media(D)’s wild accusations have ever needed anything resembling material proof, so it may be too much to expect better of the rabid rank-and-file.

This puts things in perspective.

This is just vile.

They just keep coming. And while news outlets themselves handled it properly, a number of so-called journalists were just as bad as the other ghouls.

Meanwhile, people on our side are keeping score in a different way:

We can’t help but notice that people being attacked and threatened tend to have something in common. Have a look at that list — can you spot what it is?

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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