BREAKING: 9th Circuit Judge, Who Opposes Trump’s Travel Ban, Accused Of Sexual Weirdness

If ‘the Resistance’ thought all those waves of scandal had finally ended? Think again. This one is HUGE!

One of the single biggest thorns in the side of conservatives who want the courts to UPHOLD the law, rather than rule fro the bench is one particular group of partisan Judges.

The infamous Ninth Circuit. (Or, ‘Circus’ as they’re known to many on the political Right.)

They are unabashedly a ‘Progressive’ (which really means ‘regressive’) cabal. A self-righteous group of social activists with a history of using a gavel to push forward the left’s agenda.

They’ve got one of the worst records for having decisions overturned.

And now THEY are wrapped up in a sex scandal!

Which judge are they accusing?

California-based federal appellate court judge Alex Kozinski

Two accusers let their names stand.

(And there are four others, too!)

We’ve seen the Democrats finally — reluctantly — turn on Conyers and Franken. But the Ninth Circuit! Will this be enough to send one of them packing?

Former clerk Heidi Bond told the newspaper that the 9th Circuit Court judge asked her to look at pornographic images on several occasions in his chambers. She said he asked if she thought the images had been photo-shopped or if it aroused her.

Emily Murphy, who worked for a different judge on the 9th Circuit, said Kozinski approached her and other law clerks in September 2012 and said that she should exercise naked in the often-empty courthouse gym.
Source: AP

It’s pretty hard to be smug when someone rips that moral high ground out from under your feet, isn’t it — your ‘honor’?

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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