BOOM! Video Footage Destroys NFL Player’s ‘Racism – Excessive Force’ Blather

Plot Twist! This time the cops are demanding an apology.

Turns out the big, bad football player that ran his mouth about how the cops treated him forgot he was on ‘candid camera’.

There was an incident in a Las Vegas Casino — involving a reports of gunfire which were mistaken — and police were reportedly doing a sweep of the hotel.

It was later learned that the reported noise wasn’t gunfire.

Bennett committed no crime, the sheriff said. But he was detained at gunpoint, handcuffed and seated for about 10 minutes in the back of a patrol car until police searching the crowded casino concluded that what people thought was gunfire was actually the sharp sound of velvet rope stands knocked to a tile floor during a scuffle.–FoxNews

Bennett had not committed any crime, as the report stated. But the police need to take such reports seriously.

And even the footage showed Bennett had ‘crouched’ in a manner that attracted suspicion. They didn’t have time right away to sort out which people were guilty, and which were not. Footage of him in a crouched run can be seen here:

Police believed, if you remember, that there was a possible ‘active shooter’ situation.

Las Vegas Police have investigated the incident and cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.

“It was a traumatic experience for me and my family,” Bennett told the Seattle Times earlier this month. “It sucks that the country we are living in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin.”

But Steve Grammas, president of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, called Bennett’s accusations “outlandish,” and said they defamed every officer in the department, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. —FoxNews

Profiled for the color of your skin is a serious allegation these days. Riots have — literally — started over less.

Especially when people remember the allegation (and assume it is true) LONG after any investigation can evaluate the allegation. (Remember ‘hands up don’t shoot’? Even so-called news outlets conveniently ignore the autopsy and eyewitness reports that corroborate the police report.

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