Boom! Trump Brands Terrorism As That Which Is Uniquely Islamic

They were already worked up enough when Trump said the Environment was NOT a primary threat. Just wait until they hear what he said about their precious Religion Of Peace!

Remember the days when everyone walked on eggshells, afraid to actually acknowledge that the Jihadis we are facing off with are actually ISLAMIC Jihadists?

You can argue about whether they have corrupted the religion, or are just more honest in applying it all day long. We can leave that to the scholars. But we can all agree that these zealots are NOT motivated by Bhuddism, and they’re not Zoroastrian. They are somewhere in the broader definitions of Islam.

President Trump’s national security strategy, set to be unveiled in a major address Monday afternoon, restores references to the “jihadist” terror threat – in a tacit rebuke to the Obama-era decision to avoid such language.

The president is expected to detail his administration’s strategy at 2 p.m. ET in Washington, D.C.

Trump is expected to discuss threats he’ll deem as “rogue regimes,” like North Korea, and “revisionist powers,” like Russia and China, who aim to change the status quo.

But notably, the document repeatedly refers to “jihadist” terror groups, in a break from the Obama administration.
Source: FoxNews

It’s almost as though Obama believed that wishing a problem away could change it.

Then-President Barack Obama stirred controversy when he first removed terms like “Islamic extremism” in the 2010 security document, effectively scrubbing language used by the George W. Bush administration. The shift came on the heels of Obama’s visit to Egypt, where he vowed a “new beginning” in the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world.

The administration’s 2015 strategy also did not contain the word “jihadist.”…
Source: FoxNews

If we fail to identify what MOTIVATES the behavior we are opposing, we cannot properly understand it.

No wonder people were so willing to attribute ‘Jihad’ to issues like the Environment or lack of financial opportunities.

Hezbollah, we are learning, is flush with cash that they made from illicit sales of weapons, drugs and the like. And Obama’s DOJ did nothing to stop them… despite many opportunities to do so.

When Trump read the story of the Snake, Journalists mocked him. But the people responded.

They understood that regular people, when connected to a virulent idea whose stated objective is to cause irrational harm on another group are not to be easily dismissed.

We needed to stop pussy-footing around this idea.

If Team Obama could not even identify the problem, how could they possibly propose a solution?

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