BOOM! Joe Walsh SLAMS Jimmy Kimmel’s ObamaCare Blather And It’s BRUTALLY PERFECT

Jimmy Kimmel’s heart-wrenching story about his newborn son turned political. Joe Walsh’s response was PERFECTION.

In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel gave an emotional opening monolog about a heart condition that his newborn son, Billy, had to have emergency surgery for. He then went on to appeal for ObamaCare. He argued that people born with a heart condition like Billy’s wouldn’t get health care — until ObamaCare.

He even got at thank you from Barry.

Despite the government-run health care insurance system’s implosion being imminent.

The Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare has been plagued with rising premiums, the massive deductibles that patients need to shell out upfront, insurers leaving some states in droves, and generally bad service due to doctor shortages and higher wait times in Emergency Rooms.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel give his story about Billy here:

Ok, we’re sympathetic.

And we feel for Jimmy and his family.

But… No.

This is a really sad story.

Fortunately for the Kimmels, it was corrected with quick action by the attending nurse and the rest of the medical staff.

But sad stories aren’t reasons to appeal for Obamacare.

Former Republican Congressman and now syndicated Radio Host, Joe Walsh tweeted this perfect response:

And here’s why.

We’ll explain with another sad story.

But this one doesn’t have a happy ending like Jimmy’s does.

Let’s take a little jaunt up to Canada where wait times and hospital bed shortages are a reality.

There is no private healthcare in Canada.

The Canadians that can afford it come HERE to the US.

On her death bed, 18-year-old Leukemia patient Laura Hillier made her mom promise one thing:

“She made me promise she would not die in vain,” said her mother Frances Hillier. “I am going to carry it on.”

So Frances Hillier is determined that nobody else in Canada will die waiting for a stem-cell transplant that could have saved her life.

Laura- who lives in Ontario – was diagnosed with leukemia at age 13, and was put on an aggressive round of treatment. She experienced a few childhood milestones before succumbing to the disease earlier this year – but it didn’t have to happen.

The socialized medicine in Canada that rations out health care kept Laura for receiving the treatment she needs. Laura’s hospital told her they had about 30 bone marrow matches, but the Juravinski Hospital didn’t have enough beds in the high-air-pressure rooms for the procedure and the staff to perform the operation.
Read more: The Federalist Papers Project

The situation in Canada is only getting worse as Progressive governments try to out-Progressive each other.

Listen to this heartbreaking plea from Laura Hillier: (WARNING: This is really difficult to listen to.)

She 18-years old, well-loved and was an aspiring actress.

And her life was cut short because of socialized healthcare.

And that is why Joe Walsh is right.

Just because Jimmy Kimmel wants us to pay for kids like his, it doesn’t mean that kids like Laura will get treatment that is actually available.

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