Boom! Ingraham’s Audience Spikes After Hogg’s ‘Boycott’ Of Her Show

Boycott or not, Ratings are King.

Why do companies trip over each other for Superbowl spots? It’s because a lot of eyes will be looking at those commercial spots. The more people watching, the bigger impact your ads can have. The bigger the impact, the bigger the sales.

And — you could ask the NFL about this, too — when TV ratings crumble, the value of the commercial sponsorships falls with it.

It’s basic math, right.

Well, they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Starbucks might not be agreeing with that statement right now, but they have a point. Being hated by some is better than being forgotten by everyone.

There has been a price to be paid by Fox and Laura Ingram’s show.

But what happens AFTER? What about when people move on to the next thing that outraged them?

Honestly, you didn’t think the people boycotting Ingraham were loyal FOX watchers to begin with, did you?

Of course not. And eventually, the mob moves on to another target. (Hogg is already hinting at another boycott.)

And then the only thing left is Laura Ingraham’s new kickass ratings.

Since it all began with a tweet, we may as well come full circle and let her crow with a tweet, too.

Here’s a chart put up by NewsBusters.

That’s a pretty good bounce for someone who was supposedly on the brink.

If all boycotts had this kind of bounce-back, maybe they would spend less energy trying destroy businesses, and more trying to engage with ideas.

It’s a lot to ask, probably.

But it sure is better than the option too many take of kissing ass every time someone gets offended by rowdy political discourse, and ideas they disagree with.

Congrats, Laura, for riding out the Jackboot Tactics.

And with her ratings up like that, somebody is going to want audience eyes seeing their products.

And chances are, the early adopters are going to be rewarded with pretty serious audience support.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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