BOOM! Franklin Graham Weighs In On Matt Lauer And The Left’s Language Concerning His ‘Misconduct’

Rev. Franklin Graham is spot on with his comments.

Many were shocked when Matt Lauer was ditched from the NBC News organization because of an alleged sexual assault against an NBC employee. This, of course, then opened the floodgates to other sexual harassment allegations against the big-name Today show host.

Matt Lauer responded to the allegations and said that some aren’t true.

While the world condemns Lauer for his unbelievably gross and despicable behavior, Franklin Graham brings a dose of sanity to the issue.

Never one to let an opportunity to bring forward Biblical truth, Graham put this gem of a post on social media:

Matt Lauer of the Today Show was fired by NBC News after an investigation. What we’re seeing in the recent string of…

Posted by Franklin Graham on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Graham writes:

Matt Lauer of the Today Show was fired by NBC News after an investigation. What we’re seeing in the recent string of what is termed “misconduct” really boils down to a morality issue—people failing to follow God’s standards, and that is called sin. The Bible tells us, “…be sure your sin will find you out.” This is a warning to all of us to examine our lives. That doesn’t just apply to movie stars, media personalities, and politicians, but to everyone. One sin leads to others and can have a great impact on our own lives and the lives of those around us. Sin has devastating consequences—here on earth, and for eternity. But God is anxious for us to come to Him in repentance and ask for His forgiveness and help. True healing comes through trusting Jesus Christ in faith and following Him as the Lord of our lives.

Look at that!  Dealing with the real issue — sin.

And the solution to sin — repentance and trusting in Jesus through faith.

Graham reminds everyone that ‘none is righteous, no, not one‘.

We all need to examine our own lives and make sure that we deal with the sin in our own lives.

It seems I heard this somewhere before…

(Check out the 15:27 mark.)

Wow! Billy Graham’s son bringing the teachings of Jesus into the big issues of today.

Imagine that.

Way to go, Rev. Franklin Graham!

That’s precisely what needs to be done.

We all need that reminder as we cast the stones of our words at a fellow sinner, because if it weren’t for the grace of God, that could be any of us on the receiving end.

That’s why we all need Jesus.

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