BOOM! Enrollment At This Radical University Drops To Lowest Level Since ’08

Ah, yes. Remember 2008? The year that we were about to put that sordid history of racial conflict behind us. Whatever happened to those grand promises?

Funny you should ask. Becuase, incidentally, 2008 is the last time one racially radical school had enrollment numbers as low as they are today.

Coincidence? Not at all.

Remember that scene where the assistant prof shouted ‘I need some muscle’ to remove a journalist?

Right. That was Mizzou.

Fun fact: Melissa Click later claimed she was fired ‘because she was white’.

That wasn’t the ONLY racial tension-point in Mizzou.

There were the (never-proven) allegations of ‘poop swastikas’.

They were really upset that a terrorist attack in Paris with more than 120 fatalities DARED to upstage their protests. #f**ckParis

Sherrif Joe slammed the events they had on campus… they’re not Protests, they’re Insurrection.

Some students there were openly calling for the killing of white students.

Students demanded that Tim Wolve (guilty of being white and male) be fired.

But in the final analysis, guess who the REAL racists were in this mess?

After all these ‘actions’, where students were ‘heard’…
…what was the net result?

Well, in 2016, their enrollment numbers were WAY down. A big drop which led to hundreds being laid off.

That was last year.

So, did they bounce back?

No. Scratch that.

HELL no.

Enrollment at the University of Missouri continued a decline that began after campus protests in November 2015, with this fall’s enrollment the lowest since 2008.

Official numbers released Wednesday show the university attracted 20,870 students this fall, down 12.9 percent since a record set in 2015.

Missouri did slightly better than expected in attracting new freshman but the total of 4,134 is down 546 from last fall and 2,060 fewer than 2015. –Dothan Eagle

Gee, where did all the students go?

Share if this is a good warning to other schools, not to let unruly students call the shots.

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