‘Black Panther’ Slammed for Lack Of … Lesbian Scenes?

The Left has chosen a path that’s doomed to failure. This is exactly why.

This was baked right into the cake of the Alinsky-type tactics the Left has embraced all that time ago.

Identify a victim group, call them oppressed by another group, and anyone who doesn’t rally around the victim group’s cause ‘enough’ is some kind of a hate-monger.

But as the victim groups multiply, there are only so many hours in a day to check all the right boxes.

The Black Panther Film is a perfect test case for this issue.

Depending on which Social Justice Activist group you have aligned yourself with, this is either the best thing EVER… or yet another snub from the ‘cis-normal patriarchy’.

The Black Activist groups are cheering this as a fantastic success. As a movie, it’s a hit. So, as far as that goes, they’re right. They’re super-excited about this being the ‘first film’ to have a dynamic black lead.

That’s not exactly true. It MIGHT the first such (big) film in the time since we have backed ourselves into little tribalistic victims-group teams.

And they are celebrating the fictional utopian comic-book land of Wakanda as a rebuttal to the word Trump may or may not have maligned Africa with. We’re not sure how that puts food or clean water in the mouths of anyone from Zimbabwe, but hey, knock yourselves out. Whatever makes you feel good about yourselves.

In fact, anyone who panned this film early on was denounced as doing so because they’re racist.

For example, one lightning rod for calls of racism were these comments by Ben Shapiro:

“This is the most important moment in black American history. Not Martin Luther King, not Frederick Douglas, not the Civil War, not the end of Jim Crow – none of that – not Brown v. Board, the most important thing is that Chadwick Boseman puts claws on his hands and a mask on his face and runs around jumping off cars in CGI fashion.

“Deeply, deeply important. Black children everywhere will now believe that they too can be super heroes who jump off cars in fictional countries. It’s very important.

“Now, you may sense that I’m mocking a little bit. The reason I’m mocking a little bit is because I hate this kind of identity politics. I think it’s incredibly stupid.
Source: CNS news

You’d think that him pointing to MKL, Douglas, etc should show that he’s actually put some thought into his criticism. Nope. He’s racist. Get him!

Meanwhile, another group with some harsh words for the film will never be accused of racism. The ones who found fault, not with the fact that the movie was — shall we say — over-hyped in its cultural significance. They were ANOTHER ‘oppressed group’ who didn’t see enough ‘representation’.

(Seriously, if you’re looking to a movie for your significance, maybe it’s time to spend a little more time in the real world.)

This is just one of several places this complaint was raised.

Oh no! They didn’t invest screen time with, say, Halle Berry [or black Actress from this IMDB list of ‘dark-skinned black actresses’] sucking face and showing some skin with [some other random name from that list].

No really, people apparently care about such things (from the intro to that same list):

Because y’all have a hard time with your casting and fancastings of black women (apparently only light skin and fair-medium brown black women exist to y’all), so here ya go!

These people don’t even care if there is good storytelling. They care if their ideas and values are anchored deep in the minds of the wider culture.

Becuase politics is downstream of culture. And EVERYTHING, for them, is politics.

Even so, they will eventually get to the point where these identity groups are so splintered that — like we’ve seen with reactions to this film — that they will wind up going to war with each other.

For example: next time you’re with a leftist ask them if gender is truly ‘fluid’? If they say yes, ask them how are LGBT groups can even be relevant?

There are countless examples of little conflicts like that that will only become more evident over time.

Or you could ask the people who got angry about anyone suggesting that Africa may contain s-hole countries to comment on this graphic about the parts of the world where homosexuality is either criminal, or even punishable by death.

The comments section in this thread could get interesting.

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