These Big Sponsors Have Sided With The NFL v. America – Will YOU Still Buy Their Crap?

Is it a mistake to side WITH the ‘celebrity athletes’ and AGAINST… the public?

We’ve got some sponsors who have volunteered to be the guinea pigs in that little experiment.

This should be interesting.


Hold up a minute… even that headline was wrong.

Let’s fix it for you.

Nike, Hyundai, and Bose have become the first NFL Sponsors to support the politicization of the NFL.

Much better.

Here are the official statements.

“Nike supports athletes and their right to freedom of expression on issues that are of great importance to our society.” —Yahoo Finance

See if you can see the thinly-veiled Trump-and-all-his-supporters-are-horrible-racists in the following statement:


Hyundai issued a statement on Monday afternoon that, like Nike, clearly sides with the players’ right to protest.

The statement says, “We stand for and respect individuals’ freedoms to express their first amendment rights in any peaceful manner in which they choose. We also stand for inclusion, freedom and all that represents those values.”

A crap statement from a crap company.

At least Bose had the sense to kiss the Player’s backsides without kicking the rest of us in the crotch while they did it.


Bose sent out this statement on Monday night:

“Bose was founded in the United States, and our world headquarters is in Massachusetts, where it’s been for over 50 years. It’s now surrounded by several other Bose facilities – and at all of them, at all times, we proudly fly the American flag. It’s a symbol of our great country which protects the freedom for every person to express their views. We respect that freedom, whether we agree with those views or not.”

Like Ford’s statement, it plays to both sides, but arguably ends up siding more against the protests, with the “whether we agree with those views or not” clause.

And most of the other sponsors recognized a no-win situation when they saw it.

They tried their best to stay out of that minefield altogether… some by voicing support for both the anthem/military AND free speech generally — or others by refusing to comment at all.

So… will any of this impact what YOUR after-tax dollars get spent on?

Let us know in the comments!

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