Bezerkely Goes In FULL NUTTER Mode Ahead Of Milo’s Free Speech Week

It’s a tough year to be remembered as the university that kicked off the ‘Free Speech Movement’… especially since so many people on the Left no longer believe in Free Speech.

In a world of micro-aggressions, preferred pronouns, trigger warnings and safe spaces, what would it even mean to ‘support’ genuine free speech?

The ‘Resist’ Movement — together with ‘punch a Nazi’ (…and everyone they don’t like is a Nazi) Movements are gaining traction in the imagination of the latest crop of College snowflakes.

Well, if it’s not with them, it’s with the people who pay them to show up for protests. Either way, the crowds are showing up.

We see crackdowns on free speech everywhere. Students sent home for wearing MAGA shirts. Violent opposition to a free speech rally in Boston, in which police had to ask people to stop chucking urine bombs at them.

And it hasn’t exactly been a banner year for ‘Bezerkley’ as a result.

First, their own Thugs ‘won’ in ‘shutting down’ a Milo event in the first part of the year. One in which Campus police had been given ‘stand down’ instructions.

Truth be told, when they replaced the windows and repaired the fire damage, it may not have felt much like a ‘win’.

Worse still, Milo leveraged HUGE publicity and credibility out of the event… while Antifa became a household name, for all the wrong reasons. They started to be called out as the violent thugs they are.

Oops. Strategic fail there.

And then, Patriot Prayer (a group led by a Japanese American and his Samoan bodyguard/buddy) gathered for a prayer meeting) and they got physically attacked by Antifa as — wait for it — White Supremacists and Nazis.

A photo-journalist also got curb-stomped without any authorities preventing it, either.

Not long ago, conservative Ben Shapiro was scheduled to speak at Berkeley.

The opposition tried all sorts of ways to keep it from happening.

There was a ‘security fee’ $15,000 whose payment was not required by other speakers of other political stripes.

There were changes of venue. Ticket restrictions. They even closed the balcony for fear that attendees would rip out the seats and start throwing them down.

SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of security (and nine arrests) later… the event finished without any major hitch.

Now there is a ‘free speech week’.

A free speech week which has already been decreed DOA by some news outlets.

The Atlantic:
How Milo Yiannopoulos’s Berkeley ‘Free Speech Week’ Fell Apart

Milo Yiannopoulos’ ‘Free Speech Week’ At Berkeley Falls Apart, Organizers Say

They sound almost Excited about that, don’t they? But Milo disputes the reports.

Confusion continues to surround Free Speech Week at UC Berkeley two days before events are scheduled to kick off.
While some media are reporting that the Berkeley Patriot, the student organization hosting the four-day conservative political event, have called it off, British right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, an event headliner, posted on Facebook that it’s going on.
“Contrary to press reports, Free Speech Week is not cancelled. We will announce our full plans for the week at a press conference tomorrow, which will also be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, at 13.30pm Pacific Time,” Yiannopoulos wrote. NBC

Supposedly, Berkely will be shelling out a Million bucks on security this time.

Since this is the same speaker over whom protesters set the campus on fire the last time he was here, it would be kind of a big deal if he were forced NOT to go ahead with speaking.

The university’s credibility is on the line after all… about whether they truly SUPPORT Free Speech at all.

But judging by the reception this ‘right wing’ Free Speech Week is getting in that photo, above?

The students would be HAPPY to shut it down. And so would their Mayor:

Berkeley’s mayor asked UC Berkeley to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos speech. The school said no. –Washington Post

After all… why should anyone be allowed say something objectionable or controversial? This is America, dammit!

And good luck trying to explain to them why THAT logic derails.

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