Bergdahl BLASTS US Army – He Says They Are WORSE Than …

Is it too late to trade back..?

What an ungrateful, miserable punk.

And why is it always a foreign paper that America-haters give these splashy America-slagging interviews to?

‘Hanoi”Jane Fonda went on the BBC, where, when asked if she was proud of her country, answered ‘no’.

Hillary Clinton did the circuit.

And now, Bergdahl gave an interview to the foreign press comparing the military to the Taliban.

“At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, ‘I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your throat,’ ” Bergdahl tells British TV journalist Sean Langan in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine of London headlined “The Homecoming from Hell.”

“Here, it could be the guy I pass in the corridor who’s going to sign the paper that sends me away for life,’’ he says. “We may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs.”

Bergdahl is expected to appear for sentencing Monday in a military courtroom in Fort Bragg, N.C., after pleading guilty to desertion and misbehaviour before the enemy.
Source: Fox News


The guy who ENLISTED in the military, and then DESERTED to the enemy, is accusing the military of being treacherous?

And there goes another broken irony meter.

Maybe they’re not more honest than the military. Maybe they’re just more honest than Bergdahl.

We gave up 5 Taliban prisoners to yank his sorry ass out of a hostage situation…

… a hostage situation completely of his own making…

And THIS is how he shows gratitude?

Is ‘shut up and take it like a man’ somehow NOT an option for him? He’s got nobody to blame for this but himself.

He speaks of ‘lynching’. There are a lot of black rights activists who might be happy to weigh in on that careless statement.

But let’s take a different angle — there was a time when an offense like his might actually have gotten you killed. He should be on his hands and knees thanking God that the death penalty is NOT on the menu in this situation.

No, it’s easier to pretend he’s a ‘victim’ of the ‘big bad military’. Because victims are raised to celebrity status and get book or movie deals.

Just shut up and do your time already.

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