IT BEGINS: Veteran Car Dealership Yanks Ads From Super Bowl 50 MVP Over Nat’l Anthem Protests

It’s called biting the hand that feeds you.
And they should have known this was coming.

There’s a ‘yuge’ difference between being the sporting news and the political news.

If you make the sporting news, you’ve probably won a championship. Or broken a record.

You will have done something that will make your celebrity endorsement MORE valuable to the advertiser who wants to link up with you.

They are hoping you have influence — influence of the kind that will motivate YOUR fans to buy THEIR products.

It isn’t because they think you’re super-awesome. Sorry.

It’s just business.

But guess what happens when you become POLITICAL news? You suddenly become divisive. You are — at best — half as effective as when you were politically neutral.

Your ‘good name’ isn’t nearly as valuable anymore. Because no good business wants to antagonize half the country. You might GAIN business from ONE side of the political spectrum, but it might COST you existing customers on the other side. See the problem?

The advertisers have.

And that’s the math behind decisions we’re already seeing here.

As their rep told CBS4 In Denver, this hasn’t anything to do with a ‘firing’. It’s about contract renewal negotiations that ceased when he ‘took the knee’.

And HIS contract will NOT be renewed.

“We are evaluating the events of the weekend. It is important to state that we haven’t fired Von. We are in the middle of contract renewal and this weekend’s events remind us that sometimes we feel that we best represent ourselves. We support Von and his first amendment rights, we know Von and he’s a good person. He donated a police car to his hometown police dept. All that notwithstanding when we bring in celebrities to represent us we run the risk of being misrepresented.

“We, like millions of Americans are concerned and will respond consistently with our values as a proud American company founded by a war hero (Phil Long). While we can’t control the actions of others we can be responsible for how we support our nation and community. That is why, years ago, our principal owner, Jay Cimino, founded the Mount Carmel Veteran’s Service center, and is supported by all Phil Long Dealerships. We support this cause not just with our words, but financially as well, and it is serving hundreds of veterans in need right here in Colorado. This would be a great time for our community to show support for our military community by supporting this cause or others that continue to serve them after they serve us.” — Yahoo

It’s entirely self-inflicted. And none of us are shedding a tear over it.

You take the knee, you damage your brand.


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