Attention Patriots: Here’s 10+ Nuggets In The Nunes Memo CNN Doesn’t Want You To See

What we are seeing play out in real time will be filling textbooks for a long time to come. This could fill a whole chapter… or two.

There are implications upon implications spilling out of the Nunes memo.

— The ‘dirty dossier’ is an expressly political document. Created by his political rival to politically destroy Trump.

— FBI and DOJ knew it was a Clinton hit piece, but used it as evidence anyway.

— FISA Courts was established to stop FOREIGN terrorists, not to spy on American Citizens.

— The evidence they presented most likely would not have passed scrutiny in a regular judicial warrant hearing.

— MacCabe has stated that the surveillance warrant would not have been sought without the Dossier.

— FBI knew the Dossier was ‘salacious and unverified’. Even Comey said it was.

— The informant (Steele) admitted that he was ‘passionate’ to see that Trump did not get elected. This should have made them skeptical of his information.

— Steele was ALSO the source of the ‘corroborating’ evidence. (yahoo news)

— FISA warrant applicants failed to represent information that would exonerate their target, including many facts (like those above) that would discredit their application.

— FBI stonewalled Congress.

— Confirmation of conflicts of interest between Fusion/FBI/DOJ/Hillary allies, etc.

Visual map:
Visual Map Of The Cabal Behind ‘Trump Dossier’

The deeper we dig in this, the worse it gets.

And that’s not even covering the ‘irregularities’ in both the Hillary email investigation (with many of the same players) and the incriminating Uranium One Testimony that is starting to point to the one guy who could bring all these pieces together.

Suddenly this headline seems more than a little suspicious:
Susan Rice Unmasking Docs Sealed in Obama Presidential Library for Next 5 Years

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