Army Chaplain To Be Punished For His Religious Convictions

If you thought the Left’s war on culture was about ‘acceptance’ and not ‘conquest’, you haven’t been paying attention.

If someone disagrees with their dogma, that person must be destroyed, both personally and professionally.

Even if they are a decorated Army Chaplain.

They don’t play fair, they don’t play nice, and they don’t care how you feel about it.

Doug’s latest on Warriors & Wildmen is relevant here:

The new generation of leftist bullies are something of a cross between these guys:

And these guys:

An Army Chaplain failed to ‘kiss the ring’ of the ever-so-tolerant Rainbow crowd. And now he’s paying a price.

His personal conscience and religious convictions were ‘irrelevant’. So was the fact that he was willing to arrange somebody else to provide the same service.

They don’t want equality or understanding. They want fealty. They insist that THEIR values become YOUR values. To hell with what you and your God have to say about it.

A decorated Army chaplain is facing what his attorneys are calling a “career-ending punishment” after he explained to a soldier that he could not conduct a marriage retreat that included same sex couples.

A military investigation at Fort Bragg determined Chaplain Scott Squires should be disciplined for his failure to include a lesbian couple in the Strong Bonds Marriage Retreat. They determined he had discriminated against a soldier based on her sexual orientation.

When Squires realized he could not participate, he rescheduled the event to accommodate the lesbian couple with a chaplain who could oversee the retreat. But apparently – that was not good enough.
Source: Todd Starnes

These are the people who keep calling us ‘bigots’.

Sure… WE are the ‘bigots’.

Welcome to the ‘Culture War’.

It has come to you, whether you wanted it or not.

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