‘I am alive today because of him’: Student Recounts How Her Teacher Died Saving Her And Her Friends

If anything good can be said of our darkest moments it’s that we get to learn who the true heroes among us are.

And they aren’t always the people you might expect.

These are exactly the kind of people we WANT to have in the schools, teaching our children. People that will — literally — take a bullet to save a student’s life.

As tragic as the circumstances are, it’s a far cry from the other kind of teachers we’ve had to report on, the ones who either exploit students in unspeakable ways or else see them as drones to be indoctrinated.

At least in these stories, we can celebrate their legacies.

Nobody will ever doubt their commitment to their students. At least three teachers died protecting them.

We’ve already covered the Assistant Football coach giving his life for his kids.

Here are two others.

[Scott] Beigel, a geography teacher [age 35], was shot dead as he tried to lock the door of his classroom after letting a group of fleeing students in to hide from gunman Nikolas Cruz.

Kelsey Friend, one of the girls who took refuge behind his desk as Cruz roamed the halls, said he saved her life.

‘I am alive today because of him,’ she told GMA through tears on Thursday.

‘He unlocked the door and let us in. I thought he was behind me but he wasn’t. When he opened the door, he had to relock it so that we could stay safe but he didn’t get the chance,’ Kelsey sobbed during a later appearance on CNN.

In a heartbreaking message to his family, she turned to the camera and said: ‘I am alive today because of him. Thank you for bringing and having this amazing person in life and giving him the power to be stronger than I could have ever been.

‘He will be missed by me and multiple friends, his name with me will live on.’
Source: DailyMail

We’re going to have to come up with something special to remember the three men who put other peoples’ children’s lives above their own survival.

If you have any special suggestions how best to memorialize their sacrifice, share it in our comment section.

Besides Beigel and Coach Feis, the other teacher murdered was the athletic director, Chris Hixon had a similar story:

Hixon, the school’s athletic director, also gave his life trying to save the students.
‘Chris was the Football Coach and Athletic Director at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who died a true hero, shielding students from gunfire,’ his church said on Thursday.

He was also a father.

Source: DailyMail

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