Whom Do You ADMIRE More – Michelle, Hillary Or Melania? (Look How ‘America’ Voted)

These polls are about as reliable as those ‘Hillary has a 99% chance chance of beating Trump’ predictions Huffpo was spouting.

Quick — think of the people in your life you REALLY admire.

Who did you come up with?

Relatives? Friends? People from your community?

Someone renowned for great accomplishments in business, philanthropy, athletics or entertainment?

Scientists or Astronauts, engineers?

Who do you really Admire?

According to a yearly Gallup Poll, the most admired men and women over the years almost always have a connection to the White House.

In fact, you have to go back to 1996 to find a woman who was not a First Lady. And that was Mother Theresa.

In fact, going back to 1975, the only people on the list of ‘most admired women’ who had NOT been a First Lady are Mother Theresa and British PM Margaret Thatcher.

Hillary, in fact, came out on top again, and again, and again. Even when Michelle was FLOTUS. Michelle, interestingly, was shut out completely. She showed up in the numbers, but never in the #1 slot.

The most admired men are no better. The Pope (1980) and Henry Kissinger were the only non-Presidents who came out as ‘most admired’.

It’s actually embarrassing that America, who fought a war to overthrow the notion of class and royalty still has this view of its President and FLOTUS. Do we REALLY suffer from such a grievous lack of imagination?

But here we are.

So, since admiration seems to be so limited to someone bearing the title of FLOTUS let’s adjust the question.

Of those still prominent in the news (Hillary, Michelle, and Melania) if they were to repeat this poll today, which FLOTUS Do YOU admire most.

Whom Do You ADMIRE More - Michelle, Hillary Or Melania?

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