Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Makes BIG Announcement That Hollywood Libs Will HATE

Dear Hollywood Leftists… better grab some Depends. ‘Cause THIS will make you crap your pants.

The former Calvin Klein model, actor, Republican, and BIG Trump-supporter, has announced that he is planning on running for Congress.

Antonio Sabato Jr., an Italian immigrant, liked President Reagan but says that he supported President Bill Clinton. He remained a Democrat for many years. He changed his party affiliation to Republican — against the flow of the Hollywood elites — after he had a family.

Watch Antonio Sabato Jr. explain the shift on Fox & Friends in July:

The actor spoke at the Republican National Convention and felt that caused him to be ‘blacklisted’ in Hollywood.

The ‘blacklisting’ inspired him to run for office against incumbent Julia Brownley who has held California’s 26th congressional district seat since 2013.

Watch the Fox News report:

Congratulations, Hollywood elites!

You’re blacklisting of this conservative just backfired… BIG LEAGUE.

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