Acid Attack Victim Shares How She Looks Now – The Internet Flips Out

Score: Modern Medicine 1 — Sub-human Thugs 0

It was an attack designed to ruin a young girl’s life.

But some skilled surgeons managed to give her that life back.

You’ve probably seen the images of her injury on the news before.

The chances of her NOT carrying disfiguring injuries the rest of her life looked pretty slim.

Resham Khan, the aspiring model, was one of many victims in a rash of acid attacks in the UK.

In her case, it was more than just an attack on her person.

Since she aspired to be a model, this was an attack that hit her directly in her hopes and dreams. It would be like an aspiring surgeon having shattered hands.

She was worried about her looks and thought she will never gain her beauty back. Her mind was so disturbed that she would even hesitate to go to the local shop because she was tensed about what people will say and how they will react. — RVCJ

But was it over for Resham Khan?

Not at all.

The surgeons went to work.

You can judge for yourself how well they did:

She’s the picture of elegance.

You would never suspect she was the same girl.

Here’s a close up:

We’ve all seen how devastating an acid attack can be.

In 2003, a woman from India was attacked with acid.

It changed Sonali Mukherjee’s life forever.

It’s good to see some thug with a beaker of acid no longer has the same power to destroy an innocent victim’s life forever.

Especially since such attacks have been on the rise.

Good for Ms Resham Khan for bouncing back so well.

She’s obviously not a ‘quitter’.

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