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Special– Glenn Youngkin: ‘Worrying’ Terry McAuliffe ‘Owns’ the ‘Abhorrent’ Tiki Torch Stunt

Glenn Youngkin, the Republican prospect in Virginia’s upcoming guv’s race, informed Breitbart News Saturday that Friday’s stunt, which saw 5 people declaring to be his fans standing outside his project bus holding tiki torches– an apparent nod to white supremacy– “sits at McAuliffe’s feet,” blasting Democrats for taking bigotry and white supremacy and making it a project stunt.

While discussing his current increase in the surveys, Youngkin made it clear that “surveys do not win elections. Votes do.” He stated he has actually seen an “massive” quantity of interest on his bus trip, keeping in mind the race is not simply a common “Republicans versus Democrats.” Rather, he stated it is definitely Virginians coming together, and his Democrat challenger is seeing the unity.

” This is why Terry McAuliffe is panicking. I indicate, that stunt they pulled the other day sits at Terry McAuliffe’s feet. I imply, he owns it. And it was the most dissentious, it was the most abhorrent thing. I imply, he took bigotry and white supremacy, which is definitely inappropriate, and made it a project stunt,” Youngkin stated

These guys approached @GlennYoungkin‘s bus as it brought up stating what seemed like, “We’re all in for Glenn.” Here they are standing in front of the bus as his project occasion at Guadalajara began. @NBC29 pic.twitter.com/ l681 ejyBjc

— Elizabeth Holmes (@holmes_reports) October 29, 2021

The Never-Trump Lincoln Job later on took obligation for the scam. Among those included consist of Lauren Windsor, a Democrat operative.

” And I do not care who declares obligation for it. It was done by the Democrats. Which is definitely beyond pale in Virginia. It’s not constant with Virginia’s worths– it’s not constant with anybody’s worths. Virginians are definitely declining this partisan, dissentious politics that’s been the hallmark of Terry McAuliffe’s 43 year political profession. I suggest, he’s the Godfather of [the] contemporary progressive Democratic Celebration, and he’s seeing it all stop working. He’s seeing it crash down on him since Virginians are declining it,” the Republican politician stated.


Youngkin stated Virginians are more with cooking area table problems such as lower taxes, much better tasks, more secure neighborhoods, the very best schools, and having a federal government that “does not inform us what to do all the time.”

Youngkin anticipated that Virginians are going to make a “huge declaration” by declining “politics of the past” in this election.

” And Terry McAuliffe, let’s see if we can divide individuals into pails and make my pail larger than your container and state anything and do anything and spread lies and comprise headings and have dubious PACs do revolting things. They’re simply declining it,” he stated of Virginians.

” This is not simply for Virginia. It is for America, and Virginians get to make a declaration about what our future can appear like,” he included.