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Abby Huntsman states ‘The View’ has an ‘excruciating culture’ that rewards ‘bad habits’

Previous ” View” co-host Abby Huntsman is speaking up about what resulted in her departure from the long-running ABC daytime program.

On her brand-new podcast “I Dream Someone Informed Me,” Huntsman stated calling her period on the program “sort of demanding” is the “political correctness method of putting it” and remembered among the very first warnings of the gig was when she was the topic of a tabloid about how ABC had actually sent her to a “skill coach” a couple of weeks into being the co-host, when she was led to think all brand-new co-hosts do the very same.

” I understood right at that minute when I saw that post, it originated from within,” Huntsman stated on Thursday. “So they send me to a skill coach and after that they leakage it about me … You stop relying on individuals around you and after that you truly feel separated. You actually feel alone.”


Huntsman, who was a “View” co-host from 2018-2020, shared an anecdote from her mom about a decal motto she saw that read, “It takes strength to be thoughtful throughout terrible circumstances,” something Huntsman stated, “it advised me a lot about my time on that program, how frequently I would sit there and I would so terribly wish to shout.”

” It took the more powerful part of me to keep back, the more powerful part to attempt to be thoughtful,” Huntsman informed her podcast co-host Lauren Leeds.

Abby Huntsman announced she won’t be co-hosting

Abby Huntsman revealed she will not be co-hosting “The View” together with Delight Behar any longer. (Getty Images).

Huntsman recommended that the factor she offered at the time for leaving “The View,” which was to assist her daddy Jon Huntsman’s gubernatorial project, wasn’t precisely honest, calling it a “fantastic out.”

” I understood that the program did not show my worths. When I state that I indicate fulfilling individuals for bad habits,” Huntsman stated. “I’m never ever going to be somebody that composes a tell-all book, that’s simply not me, and I’m not going to put names on things however at that time, there were executives in charge that I did seem like we were sort of gamers in their video game. And it had to do with cash and it had to do with scores and the tabloids. And in order to keep that program hot, you needed to simply let all of it advance.”


” You would see individuals act in methods around you that was not all right. That was quite part of the poisonous environment that existed however due to the fact that it was a program like ‘The View,’ it resembles this is what occurs. And here we are heading out on the air slamming other programs or other individuals for doing it the incorrect method or for you understand, a poisonous culture. And yet, I’m sitting right there like, I remain in the middle of this. You can’t state anything,” Huntsman informed Leeds.

” And if I did report it, since I did- I did go to executives, I did lot of times and I stated, this is not fine,” Huntsman continued, “This is not sustainable for me. And honestly, I do not believe it’s sustainable for a great deal of individuals that are here that need to tolerate it. And I believe things require to alter and they would, each and every single time, take a look at me with an entirely blank look. And basically state, ‘you’re fortunate to be here. This is the program’ … They didn’t desire it to alter.”

Huntsman exposed she accepted her dad’s deal to assist his project since she needed to “conserve my psychological health,” her “household” and “myself.”

She went on to share the important things she delighted in like the interviews she got involved and the relationships she formed with associates, however she was “embarrassed” of the culture she belonged of.

” It was simply an intolerable culture by the end,” Huntsman stated.

When she voiced her objective to leave, her managers advised her to leave one month after making her statement. She rather provided “5 days.” And after that when tabloids reported that she was leaving due to a hazardous workplace, they pressed her to “fix this,” however declined since “that would be lying.”


” At that point, I’m simply- I can’t get here quick enough.,” Huntsman stated. This is so opposite of why I entered this service, you understand, to simply be honest and genuine and truthful and honestly, I want so terribly in the minute I might have informed the audiences what was going on, however I was doing what I believed I required to do. I was attempting to bail out with dignity, however I was not gon na lie.”

Huntsman then declared she got a text from an executive asking if she had actually chosen to “check out the script” to remedy the tabloids, And when she informed her employer no, the one in charge responded, “that was an error,” which she stated was being “threatened.” And after that “10 minutes” into the program that day, her sibling shared a Daily Mail post declaring ABC was “going to fire me anyhow.”

A representative for “The View” informed U.S.A. Today, “Twenty-two extraordinary females have actually had a seat on the panel and have actually operated in partnership with the devoted group of specialists on our personnel. Abby will constantly stay a part of ‘The View’ household and we anticipate continuing the discussion with her when she checks out next month.”