9/11 FLASHBACK: Watching Bush Throwing Out 1st Pitch After 9/11 Is CHILLING

Wow… has it been 16 years already?
Among so many horrific moments that went with 9/11… there were some wonderful ones, too.

With so many hell bent on tearing the nation apart right now, this might be exactly what we need to see.

We’d suffered a blow. The towers had fallen. The Pentagon had a gaping wound.

The words ‘Let’s roll’ were still on everyone’s lips.

Even comedians weren’t quite sure if they could tell jokes anymore.

And then, a moment that brought us all together.

How appropriate that it was the national pastime. In Yankee Stadium.

President Bush threw that first pitch.

The pitch was good. But keep watching.

As he stood and waved to the crowd…

Listen to the roar of that crowd!

What a great moment in baseball.

One that pairs well with this OTHER great moment in baseball:

Instead of ‘political’ moments in sport that are engineered to DIVIDE us, it’s good to remember those moments where politics intersected with sports in a healthy way… one that would actually UNITE us.

You know… like the Anthem was supposed to in the first place.

Share if you wish the national unity that we enjoyed after the tragedy could have endured.

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