49ers’ Ticket Prices PLUMMET – Also, Look How Many MILLIONS NFL Stands To Lose!

Hey 49ers… are you having fun yet?
The ticket prices have dropped like a stone but they still can’t fill the seats!

As of Wednesday, resale tickets were being offered on StubHub for as low as $14 to see the team host the Los Angeles Rams at 7 p.m. That price is just cheaper than buying a pair of $7.50 pretzels through the Levi’s Stadium app and comparable to the price of a beer and a hot dog at the the three-year-old arena. According to the team’s seat licensing map, the cheapest original face value for any seat is $85.

An online ticket outlet, TicketIQ listed a slightly higher ticket price of $17, but that’s still a drop in the bucket compared to what it would normally be.

“The current get-in price of $17 is the Niners’ cheapest game this season with an average asking price of $88 — also the cheapest of the season. The average ticket price across all remaining home games for them is $179,” says Ralph Garcia of TicketIQ, who says the team has seen the average list price decline 32 percent since the stadium opened in 2014, according to their internal numbers. “This is, however, the 49ers’ cheapest home game since the move to Levi’s. The previous low was Dec. 11, 2016 vs. the Jets.”
Source: SF Gate

Alright then, public school or not, we should be able to handle some math like this.

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Let’s break down those numbers.

Average ticket price is $179 for remaining games.

There are 68,500 seats. And 13 games.

For convenience sake, let’s assume full occupancy. (Although if they had that, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.)

179*68,500= $12,261,500
Times 13 games… $159,399,500.

One Hundred Fifty Nine Million Dollars.

That’s some pretty good coin, especially when that doesn’t include other considerations like TV deals, concessions, licensing or other revenue streams.

But that was a DROP of 32%.

Still assuming average pricing… (and full occupancy) the original pricing would gives us…

A grand total of $234,411,029.

Actually not ONE Million, Dr. Evil, it’s SEVENTY-FIVE Million

More specifically a difference of $75,011,529.

That’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

Over what…

…indulging a millionaire Prima Donna for crapping all over America…

…rather than telling him to keep his damned politics out of the ‘office’, and save it for his home life?

That’s a tally of the losses on one team’s ticket prices.

It’s not just them, though… other teams are struggling, too.

But the disappearance of fans at lower-profile games isn’t only a problem in Santa Clara. This past weekend headlines slammed the Chargers for failing to fill their 30,000 person temporary home in Los Angeles. The Rams’ crowd was unfavorably compared to the audience for USC’s game this past weekend, and there is increasing grumbling about the decline of even the television ratings. — SFGate

Looks like the fans have been sending the NFL a message.

What was that old commercial again…?

That’s the one.


Can you?

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