1st Woman To ‘Become A Navy SEAL’ Just Dropped Out – Here’s Why She Left

Militant Feminists may want to put that champagne on ice for a bit longer…

In a fact that surprises exactly NOBODY, becoming a Navy Seal is tough work.

Only one in five candidates successfully complete the training.

Kudos to her for even trying. That puts her in some pretty elite company right there, in terms of willingness to step up.

The woman who dropped out was participating in the SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection program.
It is open to Naval academy and Navy ROTC midshipmen and cadets during the summer before their senior year.
The three-week-long program in Coronado, across the bay from San Diego, tests participants’ physical and psychological strength along with water competency and leadership skills. –

She was not one of the one-in-five.

The water doesn’t change its standards based on your gender.

Neither do the SEALS.

If ever there was a correct use of ‘sink-or-swim’, the SEALS are ‘it’.

You are training against peers in an equitable environment.

Google can say all they want, but Physiology is physiology.

Someone may be the ‘first’ someday…

But to say women are ‘exactly the same’ as men is just false.

Share if you respect her ‘guts’ but are glad they didn’t ‘dumb down’ the standards for her.

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